Wednesday, May 8, 2013


It's another Wednesday, another pay day, another shopping day to fill the house with food and groceries.  I was woken from a nice doze at 7am by the rubbish truck this morning and people running out with their bins to line them up (I had put mine out last night).  So, I snuggled under my duvet and went back to sleep as the truck grumbled closer to my house and under my bedroom window... yeah it has to come right up to the front window of my place to collect the ten or so bins.  Not a great wake-up call when it's cold and in the middle of Winter.  But I've lived here for a decade and have sometimes slept through the whole bin collection noises.

But today, I had a lot to do.  I had the pet store to go to pick up some 4-day feeders for the fish and a pumpThis is because the fish tank pump isn't looking great... it seems to be barely moving the water, so last Friday I bought some anti-algae stuff, but it hasn't worked.  And once I pulled apart some of the pump today, when I got home, I thought that it might be a fungus that's bundging it up.  So, I'll see what happens with an anti-fungus stuff; and if that doesn't work?  Well, I'll install the new pump and take out the old one, and remove the lid and put a glass lid on top.  I have just checked on the tank (it's been about 3 hours) and it's starting to move water more, but I'm sure I need the anti-fungal stuff in the water to help it clean better.

Otherwise, today, I got in and did my shopping with my shopping list on my iPod and got everything I needed on it; well, almost.  I didn't get the Nivea soap as Coles didn't have it; and yet they have everything else to do with Nivea.  Strange how that happens.  I got an all-natural shampoo and conditioner.  And while at Coles, the sample lady, Val was away from her post for a bit, and the meatballs she was cooking were beginning to burn.  So, I turned a few of them over and around.  When she came back, she was amazed somebody didn't just let them burn - and even more amazed I turned them as I'm vegetarian.  Smiling I said that I can still cook meat for anyone I have visiting for dinner.  She was so happy I do that for people; and that I know what burning meat smells like.

But today, I got home early with plenty of money in my pocket from my shopping trip.  I managed to keep over $50 spare.  However, I still have to buy fruit and veggies tomorrow morning and then I'll see how much I have left over then; and I'll be able to work with it for the next few weeks.  Then it won't be long before I'm being looked after by Mum for a week and before that I'll be getting my new bedroom suite.  However, I'll fill you guys in on what's happening in about a week or so about Mum staying here.  Until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm and remember, I'm always here.   


  1. Why is your mum going to stay with you? Is everything allright between your parents?

    1. Everything's good with Mum and Dad. I'm going into the Wesley Hospital for a bit of surgery - day surgery - but the recovery will take a week where I won't be able to pick up anything heavy; not even hanging out laundry. So, Mum offered to stay with me and help around the house and do my housework and shopping for me.

      As the date gets closer, I'll be talking about this more. :)