Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day!

Today, I'm at my parents' house, but they're on holidays; so I'm here on my own.  Mum and Dad took a few days' break to Far North Queensland... and this break went over Mother's Day.  So, this is our first time where we all will be apart on this day (I think; as I don't remember this happening before). 

Anyway, my week has been really busy before this, and so I haven't had time to write here for the last few days.  Since last Wednesday, I've been doing laundry, washing up, tidying up, finding books as I go and figuring out what to bring here to my folks' house while they're not here.  Yep, I'm house sitting again.  It's not exactly everything I want to do, but I've been able to bring along a few things before I arrived so I don't have to lug a massive suitcase with me today... at least that's something.

But today, the weather just wasn't on my side.  I had planned to be here this morning - before lunch actually - but I really was put off by the rain.  So, there I was with all my laundry done, the washing up all done, the counters all clean, the feeder in the fish tank for the fishies, and I was ready and packed... and I was stuck!  I had packed clothes and my art gear for tomorrow and some books to get my nose into for the next day or so, and some writing material too, and I looked outside to find it absolutely pouring at 10am.  So, I waited it out for 2 hours; and once there was a half hour break in the weather, I got myself packed up and ready to head out, called a cab and rushed out to the front gate, where the cab showed up within a few minutes.  And by the time we arrived here at my folks' house, clouds were coming over... now it's overcast again.  I got here just in time for the cool to settle in and the rain to arrive for tonight.

What I'm really looking forward to is getting back to my place where I have a Pumpkin, Walnut and Spinach Cannelloni waiting for me in the fridge on Tuesday or Wednesday night... yummo!  I won't have to cook anything, just bung it into the oven and heat it for 35 minutes with a bit of water.  How delicious is that?  

So, that was today's things... and last weeks'... I've also been out at the Logan Art Gallery yesterday where I was offered up a workshop to attend where it would help me turn my hobby into a business.  There were around 40 people there to listen to accountants, lawyers and other business people who told us the secrets to getting ourselves into the business world... and you know, it's not that hard.  Brian Tucker, an artist who is an accountant by trade, told us that once we want to see a bottom line and begin selling our wares to people and not give them away, that's when we become aware that our hobby is becoming a business.  It was something that struck home with me as I've never given away anything of mine that I've shown to people; I've always sold my artworks.  The first paintings I sold were bought for $15 each.  I don't know where they are now, but the people who bought them loved them.  
The lawyer, John Kenny, was great in letting us know about the legalities of Intillectual Property; who owns our works, and who commissions our works and what happens with copywright and trademarks and how to go about getting them the right ways.  He gave a very interesting speech.  However, he nearly didn't make it to the gallery as he had never been to Logan City; and I gave him directions over the phone to the place.  When he arrived he said they were very specific and he was so happy I was there talking to him through the traffic of Logan as it was very confusing to him; especially the road markings.  John also stuck around and bought something for his wife for Mother's Day as well from the Gallery Store and I gift-wrapped it for him too.  

This brings me to today.  A busy little lot of days where I've ended up somewhere else besides where I normally would be.  But life wouldn't be life without the unexpected happening, would it?  Well, until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm and remember, I'm always here.   


  1. Keep in mind on where you plan to start up your business. It's better to start from your home address as rent and electricity is too high at a store. Think on what type of art will sell as fashion changes all the time.

    1. Thanks for the tips. I've been working from home with my art for some time; and so the next step is get talking to a few legal eagles and work on what I need to get into next, then publicity and accounting. :D

      I'm very excited about my next year or so. :D