Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Winter's Here? Already?

Okay, it's been almost 2 weeks and the temperature is chilly as chilly can get, right?  Yeah... it is.  The moment my folks go on holidays somewhere the weather changes.  Where they are, it's nice, warm, sunny and beautiful! When they phoned up and asked how it was here, I told them the truth that we were freezing our butts off here in Brissie... Mum didn't believe me!  But I have one question, if it's cold now, what is Winter going to be like when it really does arrive next month?

Yeah, I've been wondering that too...

And the best thing about the cold weather is that I'm enjoying getting into the stodgy foods.  I love cooking the warmer meals as I'm a Winter loving person.  I love cooking up thick soups, making cannelloni and using the slow cooker for those wonderful stews that I mix with pasta or rice and eat with a couple slices of bread and then end up sipping some nice, hot tea afterwards.  Nothing like it!

Okay, Winter has its downside - like the cold and flu season.  But then, I don't mind that as I don't get sick all that often during Winter, it's always afterwards or before the season I get sick with something.  Anyway, I'm looking at keeping myself well this year.  I don't get the flu and intend to keep it that way.  It's just a matter of taking good care of yourself and knowing when to get your butt to bed and eating the right foods.  So, what do you do to keep the colds and flus away?  

Winter is another time of year where I love to read too.  Seeing it usually gets pretty cold, and I don't get outside in the garden much (as it doesn't grow as much as it does in Summer), I'm usually indoors reading, writing or tidying up the house.  This year, I'll be tidying up and reading.
You see, in a few weeks, I'll be going into the Wesley Hospital for an operation where I'll be off my feet for about a week, and I'll need a family member to look after me.  My Mum will be caring for me while I'm here at home; and so she'll be staying here at my place with me for that time.  The operation is to get a cyst taken off one of my ovaries as it's been giving me problems lately.  And then, while I'm under, I'll have and IUD put in as contraception... seeing the Pill didn't do me any favours.  I'll be back on my feet in no time flat; but otherwise, I'm not allowed to do any heavy lifting (like the laundry, washing up, putting out the rubbish or the rubbish bin or cooking anything) for about week; so that's why Mum's going to be there.  

Anyway, I hope to all organised by the time this operation comes around.  I'll be getting my house and bedroom cleaned up, things put away, the bedroom vacuumed and dusted and tidied up and the lounge room in such a condition where Mum and use it as a bedroom at night and during the day, it looks like a lounge room and it can be easily cleaned up and used by anyone - including me if I don't want to be in bed all the time during the week.  It's just a matter of cleaning up, putting stuff away that's not currently being used and making sure things are readily accessible for Mum.  Well, until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm and remember I'm always here.      

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