Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Busy Week So Far... And It's Not Over!

I've had a very busy week so far and it's only Wednesday.  Over the weekend, it poured rain, but I made it to Mum and Dad's place to stay for a few days.  
On Sunday, I settled in, opened the house up a little, then it became really cold and I jumped online there, found it didn't work as well as it could have.  So, I downloaded Mozilla Firefox and then everything worked.  Before Dad gets back, I'll be uninstalling it off his computer so he doesn't fuss.  
Anyway, I made dinner that night and a shopping list for the next day (as I found there wasn't much in the way of what I normally ate here at home there) and then watched a few hours of 'Angel' and went to bed at around midnight.  However, I didn't get much sleep.  Some Indians from up the cul-de-sac opposite walked to the corner across the road and stood there smoking, talking and making phone calls for half an hour until I called out to move it along that they had woken me up.  I was polite about it and they apologised and didn't do it again.
On Monday, I was out the door early to walk to Woolworths to pick up a few things so I could stay there.  I also picked up a large 900gram tin of chocolates for the Queen Beez Craft Group.  Seeing I couldn't spend Mother's Day with my Mum, I thought to give back to the ladies who I spent my afternoon with that day.  But there were a few showers between the time I left the house and my arrival to the community centre up the road.  And what an afternoon!  We totally enjoyed ourselves chatting and laughing.  A lady sat next to me who's also has Epilepsy, but hers showed up when she went through menopause while I was born with mine.  She was lovely and good with jokes and laughed a lot.  Another two ladies and us talked for the whole time while we did our thing.  And my tin of chocolates went down a right treat too!  Everyone loved them.  I did come home with them though.
When I arrived home, I sat down at the computer and spent the next 3 hours from 3:10pm - 6pm writing.  I had signed up for a Writing Race on Facebook, so did my race at a time that suited me.  It was great fun and I enjoyed it, seeing it got me through chapter 3 of book 4 of Fry Nelson easily.  Then, I spent Monday night at my parents' house and I ate a nice stir-fry I made there.  Then watched 'Supernatural' on their massive television (I've never seen it on a huge television before and it was lots of fun!).  Anyway, after that, I washed up, closed up the house and turned on the computer; as it was still very early, and got back into my writing until almost midnight when I turned off the computer and went to bed.
Tuesday morning was spent running around packing all my stuff away.  I also made the bed, put everything I had brought with me into my backpack, throwing out food that was off in the bin and then checking the mail and paying a few things for Mum.  By the time the cab arrived and I got home, I realised I forgot to take out the rubbish!  Oops!  Well, I'll be back there on Friday afternoon to spend the weekend there until Monday or Tuesday afternoon before coming back home.  But before I left, I grabbed some meat out of the fridge and went out the back door to where I spotted two Magpies strutting around the yard.  They both began to climb the steps as they sang... the next thing I knew, I had seven birds gathered around me all vying for food.  Beeper was there next to me and so was a few others who ate right out of my fingers and one sitting right on my knee!  Before long, I ran out of food and they just stood around looking at me.  I showed my empty hands and stood and went inside, closing the door.  As I did, they all flew away, knowing I'd be back soon enough to feed them again.  
Now, I'm back home, I'm kinda relieved to be here.  I don't like being away from my own things for long as I know where everything is, I like my own kitchen, enjoy my own stereo system and like how I know how my entertainment system works too (which is a lot easier than how my folks' one works).  Anyway, I'm back over there tomorrow or Friday, I've yet to make up my mind.  I've got things to do here.  Until my next post, take care keep safe and warm and remember, I'm always here.       

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