Sunday, May 26, 2013

Supposed Day of Rest

It's Sunday, right?  The supposed day of rest?  Yeah, not for me.  I was up before 8am, packing last minute stuff to be at my folks' house for this week; and this meant I was forever adding in little things I thought I had packed in last night.  Then, I had to get in and finish up the housework around the place.
There was the washing up to do, the fish tank to change the water of, the feeders to add into the water, the rubbish to put out, the toilets to clean, the computer stuff to add into my luggage, money to work out, medication to put into my bags and then, the cab to call.  Well, I got it all done - except I forgot to put the money across and pack in my medication, so by the time I did that, the cab had come in to pick me up, and I wasn't at the gates... oops!  So, I had to call again and book another cab.  

By the time I arrived here, I had everything I'd ever need.  I hung up my clothes, unpacked my trusty blue trolley and walked off to the shops to get some much-needed shopping done for this week - and for Mum and Dad.  I had my list, and went by it for a good part of Coles.  But this place things in places I never thought of looking; and then when I looked for something I could find at Woodridge Coles normally, it wasn't in stock here at Springwood, or it was well-hidden.  Stupid really.  Anything that was Coles Brand was ominously placed at one end of the store, while name brand products are placed at the other... whereas at Woodridge, all the products are clumped all together so you can compare prices of everything.  All the cheeses are put together, all the spreads are all together, all the nuts, cordials, drinks, chips... you name it, the Woodridge Coles put it all together.  But here at Springwood, it seems that the Coles Brand isn't good enough to be placed with the trademark or name product, so it's hidden in another part of the store for you to play a stupid game of hide and seek with it.  I spent a good hour or so running around Springwood Coles looking for two things I couldn't find, when it would have taken me 10 minutes at Woodridge; all because of where each store places things.  When I mentioned this to another customer, she had no idea what I was talking about until I told her how Woodridge/Logan Central Coles was set out; and she said it sounded like a place that was so easy to get around in... and it is.

Well, anyway, I'm here on the computer, where I've the life scared out of me by the birds outside as one of them smacked up against the window to let me know they were outside!  These are wild birds Dad usually feeds cheap mince to every now and then.  I thought they were going to hurt themselves... but they just tap the glass knowing I can see them.  Cunning little guys.  But once I was outside with a little bit of meat for them, one always gets up on my knee and inspects exactly how much he gets, nabbing it out of my fingers the moment I pull away enough for him, and then wanting more no matter who else is around.  But I don't let him guts the lot, instead, I do make sure the others get as much meat as he does.  And once it's gone?  I show them the empty bowl to inspect and they fly away wondering how they are going to survive without me feeding them... funny guys.

I'm tired today, and a little burnt out.  It's from not resting up properly since last Wednesday.  I've been on the go since then shopping, busing it everywhere and packing for this week to get myself to this spot here and now.  And tonight, I might have an early night and hopefully sleep well before I'm on the go tomorrow to the chiropractors and my craft group.  So, I hope your weekend hasn't been as hectic as mine has; and if it has, I hope you're resting up and taking it easy before the week starts again.  Until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm and remember, I'm always here.

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