Saturday, May 4, 2013

Early Start

This morning, I was up at around 7am... well, okay, I was dozing but not physically up and around.  My bed and was nice and warm and it was cold out.  Seeing I was in a rare comfy spot in my bed, I didn't really want to get out of it too soon.  But off went my 7:30am alarm and I was out of the nice warm covers of my feather duvet and into the bathroom for a hot shower to wake up - to try to anyway!
Today, I was being picked up by my folks to house sit for the day - and dog mind too.  They were asked to mind Mindy, a friend's dog who is the kindest, most wonderful and quietest dog I've ever come across.  Mindy is a lovely dog who follows anyone around who she knows.  She's a darling pooch and she enjoys being patted, going for long, long walks and literally shakes with joy when it comes to having a ball thrown around the yard!  Her back legs shake like jelly and she almost wiggles herself into a sitting position, she's so eager to go after that ball!  Such a wonderful dog... and she looks for people who have left the house and are supposed to come back.  A wonderful intelligent dog to be around.  But she's so quiet I'm forgetting she's around as she's sleeping a lot.

Today, though I brought along a lot of stuff to keep myself occupied.  There's my Crafty Pegs things that I've brought with me.  This includes an extra set of painting clothes - so my good clothes don't get messed up with acrylic paint - and so I brought along my usual craft gear.
Then, I brought along my preparations for dinner:  Pumpkin and Walnut Cannelloni.  What a delicious meal!  I've started looking into perfecting this dish as it's so lovely to create! I'll add the recipe to this dish in a separate post today - it sounds complex, but once you get into the swing of working it, it's so very simple.  And if your family isn't big on pumpkin, you can fill the cannelloni shells with anything really; so long you have the right herbs to go with your meal and time to do it (as it takes around 2 hours out of your afternoon to prepare).
And for tonight's entertainment, I brought along my box set of 'Angel' watch - just in case my folks aren't home in time.  However if they are, I'll take it home and watch it there instead.  And we'll be eating all the cannelloni together.  Very cool.. I hope they like it; as they're out today for a very long day out at my brother's house for a working bee there and will be very tired... and I'm sure this dinner will be something they will look forward to when they arrived home.

Otherwise, I'm hoping to get some writing and editing done and some reading of one of the books I've been looking at next to my bed lately'The Wastelands' by Stephen King - one of the books from his 'Dark Tower' seriesI've missed reading it; and really do look forward to reading the others of it and getting it finished over the next year or so; as I've got a few other book series' I'd like to get my nose into once I've finished this one.  Well, what are you all up to over the weekend in your part of the world?  Do please leave a comment and let us all know.  Until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm and remember I'm always here.      

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  1. had a pissed off weekend! You will have to read my craft diary entry to get all the details.