Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Wet Day Parade!

Last Thursday was a really hot and sticky day; which led to a massive storm late that night.  It was a real light show of lightning and thunder and it left me feeling tired the next day.  However, it also left Brisbane with cool wet days since.  So, I got in and did the only thing I could:  I tidied up the house in a few days.  The Big Tidy-Up became something of a thing that kept me from being bored.
I began downstairs and cleaned up the lounge room, kitchen and kitchen table.  This was on Saturday and Sunday.  Saturday was pretty basic and I loved being able to vacuum everywhere and ended up having to change the bag over in the vacuum then doing the lounge room floor again.  I dusted too; again.  This place gathers so much dust it's unbelievable.  I had only put together the new Home Theatre System on Thursday afternoon and got it working; and it had already gotten a fine layer of dust on its stand-up speakers!  So, this is something I have to watch.
The kitchen table didn't take very long.  I just kept everything in perspective and what needed to be put away, what belonged upstairs and what needed to be shredded; and it was easy enough.  I also had a rubbish bag that was filled very quickly and put next to the door ready to be taken outside.
 The washing up was done and I cleaned the stove and some of the kitchen cabinet doors and wiped down all the flat surfaces as much as I could.  It was the floor that I didn't get around to and that was a bummer.  But really, I didn't know how long it would take to dry in this weather.
On Sunday, I put way all my clean laundry, hung up anything that was in the chair in my bedroom and made the bed; then pulled the vacuum upstairs and gave the carpet a once over.  There was so much hair!  I couldn't believe I had shed so much of my hair all over the place!  Well, that room was done.  The office was next.
Actually, I had been working on the office since Friday; so there wasn't much I had to do to it.  I had put away a few things and vacuumed it on Saturday after I got the dust buster out and did the stairs, then ran the duster along the skirting of the stairs and the got that clean too.  The vacuum was run along all the skirting of the place and I did the bathroom too.  It was really good to have the hair and dust cleaned up in this place.  
In the office, I cleared the doorway and pulled out two paintings I had gotten framed for when I moved from here; but that never happened.  So, I'm going to look for a place to hang them around the unit.  They look great and I don't want to hide them anymore; so I've taken them downstairs to the lounge room where I've thought of a place for them.  It ought to look good.  I'll let you know where I've put them soon.

Well, last night, Gabe and Kat came over to park the Kombi in the carport for the time they're away.  I offered to start it up every week for them; but Gabe said that the car key was on the house key.  I just want to make sure the Kombi starts when he gets home; that's all and that we don't have to call out the RACQ to get it going.  
Anyway, they had a quick look around, and Kat was amazed how many books I had in this little office and Gabe was surprised that I hadn't moved anything from Grandpa's hand-made desk.  It was rather charming if you ask me... I just bring myself to throw anything out in there.  Kat thought my house looked nice and that Grandma's piano was lovely.  I hope to play it for the family some time in the future; if not this Christmas, next Christmas.  

Well, it's still dull outside.  I've got a hair appointment to get to this morning to get my hair trimmed.  So, I better get going.  Until my next post, take care.

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