Friday, November 4, 2011

3am Wake-Up Call!

This morning, I was rudely awoken by my body at around 3am.  Thinking I had to go to the loo, I stumbled around in the dark and found my way to the bathroom and returned back in the same fashion and found the bed, curled up and was almost back to sleep when I felt what I thought was some really serious gas in my guts; but it wasn't in my guts!  So, as this pain became worse, I tried to turn over into a better sleeping position; only making the cramp worse!  
Sitting up, I turned on my lamp and the pain began to feel like it was tearing through my bladder!  OMG!  I wondered what the hell was happening.  So, I found my way downstairs, grabbed the cordless phone and called my folks.  I didn't want to, but had to.  They weren't too impressed I woke them at 2:45am; but quickly got dressed when they heard me in agony.  On the way over, they called an ambulance and we had to wait another 25 minutes for those guys to show up (mainly because they had the drugs to make the pain go away quickly).  
Well!  I was zipped off to the Mater Hill Hospital here in Brissie with some Morphine in me and got some tests done while Dad sat with me in one of their cubicals.  Before he joined me there, the nurse came in and said that my husband was out in the waiting room asking after me.  I wondered who she meant; and then asked if he had white hair and a beard and she nodded.  I had to tell her that he was my Dad; we had a laugh as she went and got him and then I told him about what had happened.  He couldn't wait to tell Mum when she phoned Dad!  She thought it was hilarious!  
Well, after a urine and blood tests, everything came back normal.  The doctor poked at my pelvic region and confirmed that it was an ovarian cyst that had ruptured and caused me so much pain; and this was good news at it could have been anything from Kidney Stones to Appendicitis; but it wasn't - thank the Gods!
Well, I was let out at around 7am and driven home by a very tense and worried Dad.  But I couldn't sleep; seeing it was time for me to have breakfast.  So, I continued with my normal routine until I began to feel really tired at around 10:30am today when I went and had 2 hours' sleep... but even that didn't work out the way I wanted it to either... but that's another story for another time. 

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