Tuesday, November 15, 2011

After A Hot Day...

It's been a very hot day today; and I had to go and get an ultra-sound done.  This is so I can take it to the doctors tomorrow afternoon to see what we can do medically to prevent what occurred on 4th, November ever happening again.  I don't wish to be traveling overseas and end up in a hospital somewhere having to fork out a couple hundred dollars for a doctor to tell me something I already know... so I need to fix this now before anything else.
But today, after the scan, and after lunch, Dad came around to my place to borrow my computer.  He needed it to look at a hard drive that his computer wasn't recognising; and wanted to know if mine would recognise it.  However, my computer wouldn't 'talk' to it either.  So, he took it out and now has the problem of wondering what to do with it; and who to take it to.  While he was here, he also fixed the cold water tap in the basin of the bathroom.  It had been locking up when I turned it on and he could feel how tight it was.  So, he sprayed some lubricant onto it and got it working well; however it does need to be cleaned up properly in the near future to make it work even better.  
While he was upstairs, in the nice air-conditioning, I was downstairs, washing up in the kitchen and cleaning the stove.  It was hot down there while I scrubbed the crap and grease off the plates and off the counter.  However, it was satisfying to look at it and know it was clean and ready for use whenever I needed it.  Then, I made him a coffee with my plunger, sprayed Little Miss Stevie and poured myself a Cranberry Juice from the fridge.  
After he left, I tidied up a little and watched a bit of television then, I made a lovely salad for dinner - it was so lovely and delicious even the really spicy mayonnaise didn't seem so spicy after a while.  Then, I made my usual green tea and pulled the dark chocolate from the fridge and watched a few sitcoms while I knitted and watched my little bird snooze in the hot lounge room while the fan pushed around the warm air from outside.  
It was nice to hang out with Dad.  He enjoyed the coffee; and asked where I got it from.  I told him it was a German mid-roast and I bought it last month and have had a few cups and have forgotten about it until today... oops!  Oh well, that happens.  At least it didn't taste horrible.  Well, I best be going.  I have a busy morning tomorrow.  I'll be getting in and doing more housework before taking off to the bus stop earlier than usual (as Translink has changed the bus timetable and pumped up the prices of catching a bus!  How's that for putting everyone off traveling by public transport?  And seeing I don't have a choice, it's not a good thing to do to me - or others in my position.  Well until my next post, take care, keep warm and safe and remember, I'm always here.

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