Thursday, November 3, 2011

Busy Hot Day Off

With this week being so socially chock-a-block, today was the only day I had to myself where I was home all day.  I woke to my alarm after a weird dream about shoes that were nice, but once I had them on my feet, I realised they were not only mens' shoes, but they were also the wrong size!  So, they made me walk funny and fell off my feet when I ran.  In my dreams, this really ticked off my Mum and she was yelling at me to walk correctly and get my shoes tied on properly.  It was a strange dream where I tried to explain myself but that didn't happen all that easily as when I opened my mouth the wrong words came out.  Weird.  This got me thinking - as I looked out the window to the sunny day - of exactly what I ate for dinner the night before?
My laundry - the first after the tree is gone... rather bare isn't it?
Well, once I was up and dressed, I stripped the bed and took the laundry basket downstairs where I opened up the curtains and put on my first load of laundry of sheets, fed Little Miss Stevie and opened up the house - as it was turning out to be a really hot day.  By 10:30am, I had gotten three loads of laundry done, eaten breakfast, paid the phone bill, checked the mail and photographed the books Mum bought me on Sunday and uploaded them onto the computer ready for My Reading List. I had also made my drink for the morning and turned on the air-conditioner to cool the room down for the computer was warming up faster than it usually did.  Yep, the day had turned out very hot!
By midday, I had turned off the computer after uploading my photo onto 365 Project, checked my e-mails, been on Facebook and Bookcrossing and checked out a few blogs I normally read.  Then, it was time to get myself into some housework.  I needed to clean the window sills and vacuum the house as I have had some big problems getting to sleep at night.  So, I grabbed two of my grottier dish clothes and a bucket of Handy-Andy and got to work.  By the time I had been around the house, the water in the bucket was black!!!  I couldn't believe how bad it was!  And this was after I went around all the skirting boards on the floors, light switches, window sills, my bedside, the bedhead and around the computer... it was disgusting how much dirt and crap that gathers around the place; especially on bookcases!  YUK!  So, now that was all cleaned, I pulled out the vacuum and gave the lounge a once over and the bedroom too!  And now, I'm hoping to be able to sleep once I go to bed tonight.  If not, well, I'm going to see what I can do about getting myself a bagless vacuum cleaner for the house - by trading in the one I have; seeing it's not doing the job it's supposed to be doing.  
An Agapanthus I was given when the trees were lopped.
During the afternoon, I found the washing was done and dry.  I left it on until later in the afternoon - hoping it would cool off - but it didn't.  Then, I sprayed Little Miss Stevie with a little bit of water!  And did she love that!  After that, I changed into some painting clothes and spent about an hour and a half by the draft by the back door painting... it was the most relaxing part of my day.
Well, tonight, there wasn't much on television; except 'Beauty and the Geek' where one of the beauties got her feelings hurt because her geek got some other bimbo's name tattooed to his butt... I don't think she realises he can get it taken off there after the whole thing is over; so I don't know why she was fussing and sooking.  Anyway, I didn't really like a lot of the girls as when it came to the education part of it, I wondered how they really get through life because none of them can spell and didn't know the basics of the English language... it was really creepy.  And the geeks were more than a bit shocked at how bad their beauties were during their schooling lives; and that these chicks didn't try to improve themselves, they just went on their ways thinking it was okay to not understand the language they spoke and used all the time.  Weird.
Well, that was my busy hot and - at times - a little frustrating day.  It's still hot but I've made the time to make up the bed and Little Miss Stevie has gone to bed without her covers on... and really she wouldn't want them on as it's too hot tonight; and it will be a right stinker tomorrow too.  Until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm and remember, I'm always here.

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