Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sunday - Feeling Better

Since Friday mornings very rude wake-up call from my body, I have been catching up with sleep and taking it easy; so much so that I bought a pizza on Friday night and at the leftovers last night.  So, I haven't really been cooking anything this weekend more than a cup of tea or opening a bottle of Jones' Root Beer.  And do you blame me?
I did get a very early night of 10pm on Friday night as I was so very tired and nodding off in front of the television.  And just as I turned out the light, the phone rang and my brother, Gabe, was on the other end asking how I was doing.  He said that Mum had told him and Kat about what had occurred that morning and they had been really concerned about me.  Well, we chatted about what happened and laughed about the funny bits of the morning - where the nurse thought Dad was my husband - and then talked about what might have to be done to stop this from happening again.  I said that I will talk to my doctor about getting my ovary taken out so as to remove the problem alltogether; and Gabe reckons it's a good idea seeing it's been around for a few years.  I told him that the pain from the ruptures has been getting gradually worse over time and that this one was just dreadful.  He said it needs to be done; and it's not as though I'm going to have any children (due to my Epilepsy, I've been advised that if I try to have children they may have something similar - or more debilitating - than me) and then he laughed saying 'its not like you're getting your tits done...' and that's true.  This is something where my health is coming first; where I'll be in pain again if I don't get it looked at.
So, This week, I'm off to see the doctor and have a scan done and see what my options are.  I need to do this and need to get into working on what seriously needs to get worked on.  I wanted this ovary out last year; but Mum talked me out of it.  This time I'm getting some professional opinions and looking into working on what will need to be done about this.  I don't wish to have this plague me throughout my later years and through Menopause when I could have had the ovary removed.  Why suffer the pain when there is a very simple solution to what needs to be done?

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