Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Favourite Photos Time - November!

Wow!  It's that time again, for my favourite photos that are stored up on my computer!  Some have been seen on my Facebook page, some on my 365project page, while others haven't been seen on either.  So, sit back and enjoy the sights of what I photographed this month.
I love this kind of effect on photos; and did this one on Picnik.

This was for Remembrance Day.

My Uncle Reg at his daughter's Baby Shower a few weeks ago.

Brisbane's Storey Bridge.

I just took it; and it worked out well.
A City Cat full of Santa Clauses... that's where they all go for lunch?

A Frangipanni bloom opening up near the Brisbane Jazz Club.

What all the volunteers received this year from the Logan City Council.
One of my neighbour's gardens.  Just gorgeous!

Took a series of the sun emerging from this cloud... looks amazing!

What happens to all the used Westfield Vouchers?
 Well, I hope you enjoyed my favourite photos for this month.  I have loved taking them.  I can't wait until next month when I'll be putting up more of what I've photographed.

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