Sunday, November 13, 2011

Warm, Fine Weekend

It's been a good weekend; nice and sunny and fine.  However, seeing the days are becoming longer and they are warmer earlier in the mornings, this means I'm getting out of bed earlier as well.  So, seeing my next door neighbours have parted ways and he wants to sell the unit (yep, a lot has gone on that I have ignored purposely simply because it's none of my business; but he told me in the last few weeks that she left him over the fence while bringing in the laundry).  Well, yesterday was supposed to be the Open Day for their unit, so I was up early, dressed and out in my back yard pulling weeds, mowing the lawn and making the place look nice so his place could be sold easier.  I think it's just common courtesy to clean up your yard if your neighbour is trying to sell their house.  This gives the new buyers an idea of what kind of person you are; that you do look after your place and you're a nice person, nice enough to have a tidy yard.  For me, I really did need to get into as I haven't pottered around in my yard in a long time. 
So, there I was out in the courtyard with my push-reel mower at 7:45am, then I pulled out a lot of weeds - including Bindis' - and then I went over to the back fence and pulled out some taller and more hardy weeds and found them a lot harder to dig out; finding I had to work on them more.  I knelt down and really pulled hard and found I was attacked by some green ants!  Little bastards!  My God, it hurt like hell!  I pulled the weeds out and went inside and applied Lavendar Oil onto the bites and took an antihistamine before going back outside to clean up the place.  Once everything was put away and the rubbish bin was closed, I came inside, fed Little Miss Stevie and swept out the front; pulling as many weeds as I could from out the front of my place as I could in one go.  When I had that finished, I was famished; and really needed some breakfast.  So, I went inside and ate my muesli then jumped online for a few hours; knowing I had gotten a good lot of work done for the day.
After I got offline, at around 1pm or so, I decided to do some reading downstairs.  But the lounge was messy and I couldn't stretch out on it fully.  So, I tidied that up, putting things away, throwing things out and finding all the remote controls; as well as taking what needed to go to the kitchen from the previous night there.  It was a good half hour before I could sit down and read; and by then, I was hungry too.  So, I grabbed some wholegrain chips and a book I'm halfway through and enjoyed the quiet afternoon reading for about an hour or so.  By around 3pm, I looked around and Little Miss Stevie was snoozing, a lovely breeze was coming in through the window and the fan was pushing another breeze from the back door.  The house was nice and cool for the afternoon; and I wanted to do some painting; but wanted to wash my hair first.
I sat down to the easel after nice refreshing, cool shower and poured out some paint on to a fresh pallet, picked out a thick, flat brush and then - with the turntable running - I worked on the background of 'Lost Pages'.  It took me about an hour and a half to get the colours anywhere near what I hoped to have them so I could work with them today; but it was worth it.  Later on, after dinner, I worked more on the painting until around 9:30pm as there was nothing worthwhile on the television.
Today, I woke to another lovely, warm day.  Yep, it's a lovely day.  There's a few clouds in the sky; but nothing threatening, the breezes are nice and the sun is beautiful.  What more could we ask for from Queensland?  Until my next post, take care, keep warm and safe and remember, I'm always here.

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