Friday, November 11, 2011

Lest We Forget

I was out and about early today to get myself to Garden City and then back to Springwood before 11:30am.  However, I did get a lot done while up at that particular Westfield Shopping Centre; and nearly lost all my purchases in one foul swoop!
I went to the bank first and pulled out all the money I needed to make buy my cousin a present for her Baby Shower, some paint and a Stephen King book I had on order (and I used my book voucher from QBD I had gotten a few weeks ago so it cost me even less than the price they quoted).  I put all my purchases into the gorgeous Shakespeare fold-out bag Mum bought me from the UK and went to catch the bus to Springwood.

However, the bus service had change all the timetables and the ones at Garden City don't include any buses from Logan City.  So, I phoned up Translink and used up my all my credit (damn!).  By the time I was at the Springwood Bus Station, I stepped off the bus without my Shakespeare bag - then remembered it at that last moment and jumped back onto the bus and grabbed it! - and then walked to the lifts and found it was 11am.  So, I quickly photographed my watch telling the time and paused for a minute of silence.  And then, I photographed my surroundings; so I could tell where I was at that time of the day today.  I grabbed the lift and walked across the Service Road and to Coles where I bought myself a drink, straws and a new freezer bag before walking up to CRS for my job appointment. 
This went really well.  However, I did forget my red folder which holds all my certificates; oops!  Oh well, doesn't matter, I'll take it next time so we can fill in the holes of my resume.  After an hour, and after meeting my new jobsearch person, Melissa, I walked to Mum and Dad's place to chill out for the afternoon.
Yep, today was a right scorcher!  I took my hat with me and I really didn't wish to be anywhere without it.  So, I made sure I did have it on all day until I arrived at CRS and went to the toilet and took it off there.  I should have taken my shoes off; but I didn't think I was going to be at my folks' place all that long.  However I was there for hours.  
When Mum returned home from where she was, I showed her the baby book I bought for my cousin and she loves it; saying how cute it was.  And then I gave her the remembrance badge I bought her at Garden City (which is the same as mine) and she said she had bought hers already.  Oh well, that means I have two!  Doesn't matter, so long my money went to a good cause, that's all I care about.
I was dropped off home at around 5pm or so by Dad as they had to go out for dinner at the Killips' place where they were meeting up with Gabe and Kat.  I enjoyed a nice salad roll for my dinner; and have listened to 'The Blues Brothers 2000'... it's not really my type of movie; but the first one was great.  Little Miss Stevie is in her cage with the pedestal fan blowing around the living room; yeah at last I pulled the fan out of the wardrobe and put it together to cool the place down (as I can pull the feet off it; thus making it easier to store it).  Well, until my next post, take care, keep warm and safe and remember I'm always here.

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