Thursday, November 17, 2011

Medical Circles

Yesterday I felt as though I was listening to a broken record while I sat talking to my doctor.  However, it took forever to receive the letters for my ultrasounds; as the doctor surgery couldn't get them off the place that did them.  Along with me requesting them twice, the doctors I use currently went and requested the letter a further four times before the fax came through!  How horrible is that?
Well, the news was the same as it was before:  'seeing it's gone now, we'll just wait and see what happens next, okay?' I can tell you what happens next.  The damned thing will grow back and cause me more problems!  This doctor was a different one to the last two I went and saw - who told me the exact same thing - and this is why I wanted a different doctor.  However, now, I'm beginning to think they don't want to help me with this or anyone else with this problem.  So, I'm getting a second opinion and getting this problem fixed; as I don't believe we - as humans - should live our lives in pain, it's nothing we should put up with just because our doctors think we should.
Mum and Dad were as upset as I was when I returned to their place and they found out the results were what I had been told last year and the year before.  So... we're getting another second opinion.  It's very frustrating when this kind of thing happens and you feel as though life just isn't working out the way you had hoped; and nobody is willing to help you.
While I was at their place, I took photos of Mum cooking the third Christmas Cake this year (as she found a great recipe and tried it out as a fruit cake; but then it tasted better as a Christmas Cake when she added booze to it).  So, I stuck around and wiggled my fingers at the fish (they seem to like it; hungry little guys!) and talked to Mum about things.  Then, she had to go to the optometrist to have her eyes tested.  This took a good hour; so I turned on the television at 4pm and watched 'Roseanne' and then 'Family Ties' - two great and funny sitcoms from the late '80's while Dad painted the new extension out the front.  Just as 'Family Ties' was ending, I turned it over to 'Hercule's to watch the credits and write down the protection clause - or what wasn't protected and ended up dying or blowing up - and I wrote it down (in this episode 'Finally the demon Dakah is killed in the production of this program' ... brilliant!).  Anyway, I ended up watching part of 'That 70's Show' and found out that Mum and Dad didn't have any Epilum at their place.  So, when Mum dropped me home, she picked some up and made sure I was okay when I took it. 
For dinner, I had a salad roll and - for dessert - I drank my usual green tea, ginger drink and ate a few blocks of Whittaker's Dark Chocolate with Almonds (Yummo!).  It was still a very hot night though; and there wasn't much on the television.  I watched it until 9:30pm then closed up the house, put the phone on the charger, said good night to Little Miss Stevie and went upstairs.  
I was on the computer until after 11pm before I went to bed; but I couldn't sleep.  I tossed and turned for quite a while before I fell asleep.  I think that it was what happened at the doctors that bothered me.  But I'll find the answers to my newer medical problems; as I believe that in this day and age - with all this technology around - we do have more answers today than we did 20 years go.  And I know there's somebody out there who can help me with my ovarian cyst; as it's such a common problem that there can't be thousands of us women walking around with them without some kind of answer to it all. 


  1. Sometimes it is better to go to your pet's vet because the doctor will treat the patient better to pets then humans.

  2. too true.

    I was told recently by one of my neighbours that the pain I felt is something I'll have to 'put up with' until menopause. I said that I don't think I should; she reckons it's too bad; I'll have to, that no doctor will do anything for me.

    Personally, if men were to put up with crap like this (and I mean if they got cysts like this on their balls or prostate that ruptured like they do with us), they'd be out there researching the hell out of it to make sure it never happens again.