Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Hot Crazy Days of Almost Summer

Yep!  Summer's almost here and already it's boiling hot, the nights are still, unbearable and unsleepable; and yet, we're surviving on cool drinks, cold showers and salads already.  And it's only the last days of November.  Today, it's supposed to be raining, and as I look out of my window, there's plenty of blue sky with a skittering of clouds.  The air-conditioner is rumbling away there keeping this room cool - and computer too - and the rest of the house is opened up enough to let some air through.  
This morning, I got stuck into the sheets, kitchen towels and hand-washing.  However, I didn't get very far into it when the clothes line snapped!  The day was heating up to a nice simmer when I found all my nice clean towels laying on the ground attached to the clothes line when that line was supposed to be suspended up in the air.  I was not impressed.  So, I called Dad and he came over and fixed the problem by tying a knot in the line as a temporary fix until we can get in and fix it properly.  The way we have it now, with the bits of plastic running through isn't going to work; as the steel is cutting through it all, and that means it's cutting through the clothes line itself just as quickly - if not quicker.
So, after he fixed that, I got Dad a glass of water and started on the rest of my hand washing and got it hung out.  Now, it doesn't look much, but it finishes up the rest of my laundry - except for three pairs of socks that were missed out on two days ago.  I'm happy to say that at least I've got clean clothes for the next week now.
When Dad arrived, he said hello to the pets first - after me - and asked how the fish were doing.  You see, Gabe and Kat dropped off Riley's fish for me to mind over Christmas and New Years; until the end of January.  Seeing I'm not going away anywhere, I don't mind looking after them.  Yesterday, I went to Pet County down the road and found that they were closing their doors after 33 years of being one of the biggest and best pet stores around the area.  So, they're having a Closing Down Sale; which I took full advantage of.  I bought enough fish food to last the goldfish until the end of their - and maybe into the next goldfish - lives.  Then, I spotted a castle along one of the isles and found it was only $9.00 down from around $14.00.  But it was only around an inch tall... not a very exciting thing for the fish.  So, I kept looking and found a larger one for the same price but it was around ten times bigger!  I spotted a toy for Little Miss Stevie that I've been looking for for the last few years; and so I picked that up too.  The lady at the pet store gave me a large container to put the fish food in - for nothing - and so I came home with more than I expected and the fishies got more than they expected in their tank.  Now, they're happy little things; swimming around the castle and hiding behind it all the time... very cool!  They're getting around more and aren't as bored as they used to be; and that makes me happy too.
Well, it's just on midday.  I've checked the mail, had the clothes line fixed, got my hand-washing done (and hung out), washed up from last night and this morning and Dad's visited... all before lunch.  Yep, it's been a busy morning.  I've still got the rubbish to sort out for the bins this week, the laundry in my bedroom to put away and the bed to make up and the bathroom to clean up too.  Since it's become hotter, I'm trying to get as much done before 10am as possible - before the day becomes too hot and I can't do anything - and then when the afternoon comes around, I get in and try to do more things again.  It's hard to work around the hottest part of the day; but I do try.  Well, until my next post, take care, keep warm and safe and remember, I'm always here.

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