Saturday, December 24, 2011

And So This Is Christmas?

I know I've had a good year when I come to Christmas and I feel almost sad to see the year go.  And this year was one of those years where I don't really want it to end.  This year, I achieved so much, learned so much and enjoyed myself to no end.  So many things fell into my lap, was mailed to me and I went out so many times with my camera in hand that I haven't wanted a year to not stop than this one.
Yes, it's been a good one.  I have had quite a few cd's from Triple M show up in the mail, won a tour of their studio at North Quay and took Mum with me.  We enjoyed nibblies, booze and met some of the hosts as well.  Then, we enjoyed being inside The Cage's studio where I sat at Emily Jade's mic which was covered in pink studs all over it, the keyboard and her headphones.  It was so cool!
I posed nude for one of my artist friends because he needed a model for his collection of paintings.  And it was around the same time I was painting my first self-portrait; which got me working on my current lot of work for an exhibition.  I have almost finished it and handed in the application for an exhibition on Thursday just gone.  I hope I get in after all this time of being a volunteer at the Logan Art Gallery; as I've always dreamt of my work being in this place as my first major gallery.
I've worked on and finished a few short stories, read about 20 books this year and reviewed them too.  My blogs have changed from just reviewing books to talking about book-related issues, authors and bookstores; just to make it more interesting; and I have had a big jump in my readership.
I have enjoyed the meeting of the minds with a like-minded person; who I found I like.  I met him last year and we got along well, however over time, I've found that I tell him far more than I have ever told anyone.  This is a massive jump for me in how I trust people... and that's wonderful.  I just hope to see him again soon (and no, I'm not going to mention his name here).

As the year has gone on, this unit complex has done a complete circle so fast, it's not funny.  It's the quickest turn-around I've ever seen!  Within months, my next door neighbour's wife left him, a friend of mine in unit 5 moved and a few others in the complex moved out as well.  However, it's been interesting how different the place is already without these people around.  Without a noisy, bossy wife, my next door neighbour, Mark, is friendly, nice and says hello to everyone.  He'll talk to everyone who approaches him now; unlike when his wife was there.  I think life will get better for him as time goes on; especially after this Christmas Period as he's feeling a little lonely.
Next year, I'm hoping to get myself into the workforce again; however, only part time.  My health has been wonderful and I think it's time to join in and find a job.  I just hope I can get a job where I'd like to be.  I also hope I get into the art gallery I wish to be in.  Well, until my next post, I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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