Sunday, December 11, 2011

Big Storms, Cleaning Out and Artwork

Today seemed to go on forever... literally.  I jumped offline and went downstairs around 1pm and started work on cleaning off the coffee table.  There was so much crap on it I couldn't believe I had lived with it all there for so long.  The lounge was the same.  How did I live like this?  It's all so much more roomier now with it moved and removed into either another room, place or a rubbish bag and taken outside.  
Then it started.  I heard the first grumblings of thunder above the radio.  So, I raced upstairs and unplugged the computer completely - modem and all - and then closed the bedroom window and went back downstairs and went outside to check the drain.  But I had lost the key to the sheds.  So, once I found that in a bag I had used from last week, I went and grabbed the spade and cleaned it out to the best of my ability.  Soon, it came down and the car port began to flood, so I was out there again looking at the drain and found it was blocked and I had to pulled the leaves out with my hand and the flooding went away.
I spent most of my time with the battery radio, washing up and clearing away rubbish in the house while the rain poured down outside with thunder rumbling around the place.  And not too much later, the wind and rain slowed and stopped; however it was muggy and still hot for a while even when I opened the windows.

About an hour or so later, the skies were still overcast.  I had moved onto my next project of working on my current painting.  However, I found my work area was too dark; and becoming darker as I set up.  So, out came my battery powered radio again and off went all my electrical appliances again.  The skies became darker and darker.  This storm was the real one.  Then, the lightning began as I started on my painting with the light on above me, my cordless and mobile phone next to me and a great view to the outdoors, sky and yard to my right.  
To my left was the darkened unit where Little Miss Stevie was snoozing by the closed window as a little silhouette of a bird on a swing.  The fish were hiding behind their castle and staying low as the storm began to show its face with the first spats of lightning and claps of thunder.  And Triple M played very joyfully on the radio set up on the kitchen table in the dark.  
I worked on the painting as the storm moved over us, while I ate a piece of Christmas cake that Mum made for me, while I assessed what I'd be saying in my application to the Logan Art Gallery for an exhibition there in 2013.  The storm flashed and grumbled by us while I waited it out for it go away; our second for the day.  And by the time it had, it was almost 3:30pm; time to clean up, pack up and turn on some lights and make my place look lived-in.  I went out the back and looked at the rain gauge and found that for two storms, we didn't get that much rain... strange that.  But somebody out there got the real damage.
However, I did get a lot done this afternoon during those two storms.  I got my lounge room tidied up, rubbish thrown out, a painting was found while one came forward in leaps and bounds.  I worked on an application for a showing and I watched as water that normally collected in my car port go where it was supposed to go... down the drain.  Until my next post, here's hoping you achieved a lot in your day.  Until then, take care, keep warm and safe and remember, I'm always here. 

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