Thursday, December 1, 2011

Christmas Begins Here and Rabbits Rabbits!

Well, it's the 1st, December and I've got two wrapped gifts under the tree already.  Yep, yesterday, I went out to Garden City to meet up with a friend to catch up with coffee and pancakes in the morning, and I thought to get in and start my Christmas Shopping while I was there.  Now, the meet-up didn't work out as my friend didn't show, but I did eat the pancakes and did get my first two pressies for Christmas; and that was the main thing.  
When I returned home yesterday, I started on some other hand-made goodies after I jumped on the net to see if my friend had e-mailed me that morning to change our meet-up date and time; but she hadn't.  It just wasn't like her to not show at all; and now I'm very concerned about her.  I hope everything's okay as she hasn't been online since Tuesday and I have sent one e-mail to her asking if there was something else that suddenly showed up and she didn't have time to let me know of the sudden change in plans.  If so, that's okay... I mean, that's how life is, it just happens that way sometimes.
Yesterday afternoon, I pulled out the sewing machine and some fabric I had sitting in a bag from a few weeks back and started working on some book baggies that I've designed.  These are going to be handed out as Christmas Presents to the kids and family on Christmas Day.  They're nice and light and easy to make; and I'm hoping to put a button on a couple of them so they do up and the book doesn't fall out.  But that'll be next pay. 
Today, I've got the fabric out again to work on more - bigger - baggies.  The template is sitting on the kitchen table waiting for me to fix to the fabric and to cut out.  One baggie is taking me about 45 minutes to sew up and complete where it used to take me around 1 1/2 hours in the early stages.  How good is that?  I'm hoping to get something for Little Miss Stevie for her Christmas soon; maybe some extra seed or another toy.  The fishies have their present... or I might buy a piece of coral or something else for the tank to make it look cool for them to swim around.  I'm not sure yet; but I'll wait until Christmas Day to give it to them.
It's become very overcast outside.  I think it might rain; however they reckon we're in for a storm.  I'm not sure, I think it'll just be rain - like yesterday morning.  Well, until my next post, take care, keep warm and safe and remember, I'm always here.

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