Friday, December 9, 2011

Friday... And The Sun's Out!

Today, I woke to my alarm, looked outside and found the sun was shining and birds were singing.  After two days of grey skies, cold and pouring rain, we're having a heat, sun and a chance to do our laundry.  Well, I did anyway.  While I was out the backyard photographing my gorgeous Frangipani flowers on the tree I have, my neighbour, Jodi, and I talked. She was pulling out the weeds in her back yard; readying it for the grass to come in over the weekend.  With the sun out, I put out one load of laundry and had another one out while we chatted.  It was lovely to have a good chat with her after such a long time in between talking; as it's been a few weeks since our last chat.
After I put the laundry out, I went to the post office and found I had received a Christmas Card from a Bookcrossing friend; and it's just gorgeous!  I love it.  I collected other mail on my way home.  By that time it was time for me to get my butt into gear to go out.  However, there were clouds threatening rain; and I had all my clothes hanging out there... I only hoped it would stay fine for the whole day as they promised on the news that morning. 
When I arrived at Springwood, I looked back over toward Woodridge and found more gray clouds were moving toward Springwood, and I still wondered if I had done the right thing by doing all my laundry today.  I couldn't do anything about it while standing there looking at it; so I kept going with my day.
I dropped into The Book Warehouse and made a purchase of two copies of 'The Year of the Flood' by Margaret Atwood (one for me and one for a Secret Santa on Bookcrossing) and then I bought a drink for myself at Coles.  This left me just enough time to arrive at my appointment at CRS by five minutes; and this included the bus being twenty minutes late... not bad if you ask me.
When I entered the foyer of the office, there were about sixteen heavily-built security men out of uniform all taking part in a self-defence course.  Each one of them had the giggles as the teacher went through step by step what they were doing and I was I asked to sneak off to one of the offices before it got really exciting and they all began laughing their heads off at themselves.  While I was at CRS, my teamperson, Melissa, and I talked about work and what kinds I could do, my referees and other things as well.  It was good session.  She was pleased I had gotten the two referees she had asked for and we chatted about work experience; and how long I'd like to try out a place before going for the real thing.  I said a month; and she was happy about that.  
Our session only went for about half an hour and so I found myself at Mum and Dad's house whiling my time away on the net, answering e-mails and looking through Facebook and blogging.  I've been enjoying my first week of My Reading List Summer Fun Event.  I'd decided to leave the weekends free so I can have some time to myself; and my followers can enjoy what has been going on during the week.  Otherwise, this will be going for the three months over Summer... I'll have plenty of fun on there, books go review and bookstores to recommend during that time.
During this week, we had the sad news that Harry Morgan passed away.  He was 96 years young; and had lived a wonderfully long life of movies and making two great television series that he's been remembered for.  For the full tribute I've written for Harry, please read the post below.  He was one my favourite old-time favourites, and I do believe he didn't regret a single moment of his life... what a man; what an actor.
Well, it's time to sign off.  I'll be busy this weekend:  sewing up book baggies, reading more of Stephen King's '11-22-63' and hopefully being able to clean out my house just a little of some junk I don't need.  Yep, it's on again... a Big Clean-Out Challenge... but isn't it always a challenge to keep our places clean when life is so busy?  Until my next post, take care, keep warm and safe and remember, I'm always here.

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