Saturday, December 17, 2011

Pool Party Success

I was away overnight last night... and it was to attend a pool party.  However, the pool part of it didn't really take off, even if the party part of it did.  We had plenty of food, a lovely turn-out and lots of laughs towards the end of the evening. 
I was picked up earlier in the day to go to my Chiropractor by a cab driver who couldn't drive the cab, didn't know where I wanted to go and broke every road rule there was.  And I thought I was a bad driver when I drove a car!  Well!  He nearly caused two major accidents on the way to my destination; one of them when he was picking me up.  He illegally pulled up in front of my unit complex at the driveway and cut off a driver behind him.  I told him about it and he acted like he didn't care; and car behind him was a very nice late model blue ute.  When I got into the cab and told the driver where I needed to go, he seemed okay with the destination, but by the time we arrived at Compton Road, it was clear he didn't know where the Wellness Centre was at Springwood.  So, I had to give him clear directions.  When we arrived there, he had to pull into the driveway - across a lane of traffic - and he waited until the last minute to cut in front of a car coming towards us!  I couldn't believe how close he had made it - I judged it as about 2ft!  It terrified me how much he just didn't care for the safety of his client; and that the car coming towards us would have ploughed into my side of the car if it had hit us!  I was very grateful to get out of the cab and away from him!
Soon enough, I had had my adjustment and I was out and Geoff was waiting for me out in the waiting room.  I told him about the cab and he was disgusted.  We drove off to Dan Murphy's and bought up some drinks for the party, then to Coles and then we were off to their place to set up the whole place.
One of these cakes was taken over to the pool party!

Once there, I handed over two books he was looking forward to reading over the Christmas/NYE break and he gave me the first book of the trilogy I just gave him the last two of.  But I'll wait until he's finished the last two before beginning the first one (in case I fly through it).  Anyway, I helped Vivienne with the Christmas decorations and the place soon looked like it had been decorated for weeks instead of hours.  Then, we moved all the food over to the Summer House where I began taking photos and put out the food.  
The people who showed were fun.  We had a great time eating and talking, but the weather turned a little too chilly to swim in; so we closed up at around 8:45pm and cleaned up and headed back to Geoff and Viv's place for a nightcap and coffee.  That's where they showed off their new television and Viv put on her skydiving adventure from 2009... it was much cooler on a bigger, digital, flatscreen television!  Once she turned it off, we stumbled upon an SBS1 show entitled 'My Penis and Everyone Else's'... how weird is that!  We thought it was the funniest thing to have come across and - much to the discomfort all the men present - we began talking about them.  Too soon, the program was switched off because there were some new visitors arriving who weren't really into those types of shows; so out of respect we left the TV off.  Otherwise, I took along a new little notebook I've begun for my friends to write weird and funny things in called:  'The Public Notebook of Funny Shit'... it's for funny quotes, thoughts and stories you know but can't tell and yet you can write down.  In the end, it'll be something for everyone to get their nose into for years to come... and I'll eventually get published into a proper book; and family will all get a copy of. Sounds cool?  Well, I got the idea from the Volunteers Notebook at the Logan Art Gallery reception desk.  Well, it's getting late and I have to catch up on sleep; as I only got around 4 hours last night (despite sleeping very well on the spare bed in their house last night).  It was the morning light that woke me... damned!  Oh well, I guess I'll sleep better tonight.  Until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm and remember, I'm always here. 


  1. Consider I had my fair share with the use of the public transport system over the years, I am thankful I have my own independence with driving my own car to wherever I need to go by myself or with the family.

  2. On Friday, I really wished I could have driven myself to Thorneside instead of having to depend on a cab... the guy scared the crap out of me! Now, I drove harshly, but I didn't put my passengers at risk ever!