Thursday, December 22, 2011

It's My Greta Garbo Moment!

At long last, it's Thursday afternoon.  My shift at the Logan Art Gallery is finished, which means my last day of running around like a headless chook is over too.  At long last, I can act like Greta Garbo and hide from the public for around 48 hours and rest, paint, read and watch television.
This week has been the most hectic I've ever come across; and it's been mainly the last three days that have really knocked me around.  However, I've survived it and tonight, I'm going to get myself a nice pizza and settle in front of the television for something to watch... if there's anything interesting to watch.
This week began with me frantically getting out of bed at 7am on Tuesday morning (this is a time I began to get used to seeing on my watch in the mornings) and getting myself ready to go out.  Fortunately, I had packed myself a bag the night before to go out that day; so I needed to do was eat, put on shoes and leave.  Easy-enough, right?  Wrong.  I was five metres from the bus stop when the very bus I was to catch only minutes after I arrived there, zoomed straight past me!  I turned to watch it vanish from my life and my morning with a forlorn expression on my face when its indicator came on and it pulled up!  The bus driver must have caught my look!  I ran up with my Go Card in hand and thanked him very much.  When we arrived at Garden City, I thanked him again for stopping for me and wished him a Merry Christmas... now that's a great bus driver.  I got my last-minute Christmas shopping done in about 1 1/2 hours and I was back home at around 11am.  I had caught that bus at 8:40am.  Not a bad record for me; not bad at all.
Wednesday had me getting up at the same time as Tuesday.  I had everything ready to go out grocery shopping and - just like Tuesday - all I had to do was dress, eat, put on shoes and go.  I caught the 9:20am bus and it got me to Logan Central Plaza at around 9:30am (as I caught the 545 not the 550).  On the way, the bus drove past the Woodridge Train Station where it was cut off by a cab driver.  The bus driver blasted his horn, scared the crap out of the cab driver who got insulted and - after he did he u-turn in front of the bus still - got out of his car walked across the road and bashed the window of the bus driver.  He had a few 'stern' words with him before flipping him the bird a few times and kept on doing it on the way back to his cab.  The bus driver ignored him.  But really, you don't cut off a bus driver, no matter what you're driving.
I got in added my present to the K-Mart Wishing Tree pile (and I was the only person who had wrapped theirs in celophane) and then, I went to the chemist, picked up what I needed and then did all my shopping at Coles.  Using my Frequent Flyers $50 Gift Card, I paid for some of my groceries, I could afford the rest of them with my own cash and I was ready to go home.  That was Wednesday over and done with.
Last night, I got talking to Dan; an old boyfriend of mine who I lost touch with over the years and found on Facebook.  We chatted for over an hour and caught up.  He hasn't changed a bit in being able to make me laugh; he is still a lovely person to know.  We talked about achievements in our lives, failures and the shared sadness of the passing of his Mother late last year from a secondary Cancer (this last one shocked me badly as I really wasn't expecting it).  We chatted until after 11pm and I realised I had to be up early again today.
So, this morning, I was up at 7am - again - dressed, got some breakfast into me and shoes on my feet.  Then, I grabbed the rest of my gear and was away early.  However, I came back and grabbed the umbrella... and just as well, it poured rain on the way to the bus stop and while I was there.  But do you think it rained for the rest of the day?  Nope.  I was training a new volunteer, Graham, and he was a quick study when it came to learning things around the desk.  While I was serving somebody at the store, he answered the phone and took a message.  We also had a morning workshop for young children to teens where they all made Christmas decorations.  How very cool is that?  All the kids enjoyed themselves and had a lot of fun, and they came out of the workshop with colourful, sparkly decorations to put on their trees at home.  It was a good morning; yet a little on the slow side as it's just before Christmas.  
The most interesting thing happened then.  At 1:30pm, the next couple of people for the next shift came in and we said our farewells.  I walked out onto Jacaranda Avenue and the new volunteer drove out onto there as well.  He wound down his window and asked where I was headed - I told him - and he offered me a lift home.  So, he saved me around half and hour's bus and walking and fare too.  
Now, I'm home.  I'm so happy to have this afternoon, tonight and the whole of tomorrow to myself.  How wonderful.  I also have most of Saturday to myself as well.  Yep, this week has been one of the busiest and most unusual I've had in a long time.  During this week, I was published online through and then today, I handed in my application to have an art exhibition for 2013.  I hope I get in; as I'd love to have my work in the first gallery at the Logan Art Gallery.  Well, until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm and remember, I'm always here.

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