Sunday, December 11, 2011

I Found It!

After I turned off the computer yesterday, I headed downstairs immediately and found it was raining.  Not a fun day to be do anything more than what I had planned:  cleaning up.  So, I turned up the radio, gave Little Miss Stevie a well-earned cuddle and - after I put her back in her cage, happy and blowing me kisses - I picked up the blue Logan Library bag that has been sitting on the floor next to the storage facility since February.  Yep, it's been there that long!  I put it on the table and pulled everything out of it onto the table.  

Now, the table vanished under all that paperwork of bills, stationary, magazines from Epilepsy Queensland and other places, but I kept on going sorting through it all.  Soon, the piles began making sense and I started putting things into the Logan Library bag that I needed to file away - and these were only to file away.  There were other piles that were for other things and they were sorted out as well and put away; and pretty soon, I had the table cleared and ready to be cleaned up.  I couldn't believe it!  After two hours, I had the table nice and clean and ready for use.  Underneath it still needed work, however, it was the table top I was looking at right now.  
I'm so proud of myself to getting this table cleaned off.  It's a first for me to do this ever.  And the Library Bag is another first... I haven't been able to get that empty.  Each time I've tried, it keeps being added to.  So, I was so proud that I'm going to continue on today with the lounge.  I'm going to keep working on my house; keep on making this place what I want it to be and nothing less.
I will be throwing things out - clothes will be given away to charity, items in my house I no longer need or use will be sold and I will be streamlining my place to a point where I will be able to look at it and be happy.  Finally, I'm going to make my house exactly the way I want it.  
Things will change a lot around my house and garden next year.  So, what are you hoping to start on now and finish next year?  Is it an old goal that you began last year and it's continuing on like mine?  Or is it something new?

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