Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Day and Boxing Day

I awoke yesterday to a lovely cool day, a breeze blowing through the lace of my window and birds singing.  Yes, it was the perfect day.  It didn't take long to shower, dress and rush downstairs to the tree and rip the paper off the pressies and find out what goodies I received off Santa, Little Miss Stevie and the Fishies.  And what a loot!  Just look at that!  How good is that lot of pressies... well, okay, the Supernatural Box Set was bought by me for me; so I guess it was something I had been paying off all year.
Well, it didn't take long to get ready after breakfast and Dad picked me up and took me to their place to open pressies there.  It was one really, an expensive one.  I was given my Santa Sack and right down the bottom was a little box.  I pulled it out and looked at it as I put the Sack on the lounge, and ripped the paper off.  I was amazed to have received from my parents an Apple iTouch!  How fantastic is that?  I love it!  As soon as I saw the markings on the side, I burst into happy tears and hugged them both!  But they couldn't last for long as we were in a hurry and were out the door to drive to Gabe & Kat's place.  
On the way over, we spotted a piece of graffiti near Anthony Lister's work at Keperra wishing everyone a Merry Chrissmass... and we thought it was wicked!  Then, there were cars that had tinsel and tree decorations all over them!  How cool was that?  We've never seen anything like it around Brisbane before!  I managed to get only one photo, but I spotted about six cars with all kinds of decorations on them.  But once at Gabe and Kat's place, we established where the pressies had to go and the food then said hello to everyone, and the dog and joined in the festivities as we were served up a coffee and kicked back in the nice coolness that was the beginning of our Christmas Day.

Once everyone had arrived, it was gift-giving time.  Now, in our family, we did a Secret Santa; and Kat played Santa this year - wearing the hat.  This went down really well as everyone pulled through with the gifts and we all received what we wanted from our lists.  I was thrilled to have received a set of detail brushes and three tubes of paint in the colours I needed and the person I was Secret Santa for was totally surprised to have received more than she bargained for with her 'book and a few cockies' (in truth, I had found her book for a great bargain at QBD which left me with  more money than she thought.  I bought her a bookmark and a bag of chockies - Lindt ones that were on her list - and I gave her one of my book baggies too!).  She was thrilled!  
Next was lunch.  Gabe put on a turkey and some veggies and it all took time to cook.  By the time the bird was ready, it was 3pm and we were all ravenous... however, they didn't starve us!  We nibbled on cheese, biscuits and dip and delicious fruit as well as 4kg of fresh, rich, ice cold Tiger Prawns that Gabe and James went halves in... sooo goood!  Within about ten minutes, all twenty of us made two piles of shells of them!  How good was that!  And they came with some great dipping sauce!  I got through four before my stomach ordered me to stop; that's how rich and filling they were.
During the day, we all talked, listened to music and just basically kicked back and had a nice time enjoying the lovely day.  By the time the whole day was over - and we had eaten ourselves into the usual Christmas stupor - it was going onto 7pm and dark outside.  Woah!  What a day!  The washing up was done, kitchen was cleaned up, Gabe and Darren were down at the fire pit chatting and downing a few beers, Dad, Mum and Riley were playing their first game of Rummy Cub and I was fiddling with my iTouch and getting it configured while Kat was wiping down the counters and putting stuff away.  
On the way home, Mum, Dad and I dropped into Aunty Narelle's and Uncle Iain's place for about an hour.  By the time I was dropped home, it was getting onto 10:30pm.  What a long day!  

Today, I found I had had a rough night's sleep. I didn't sleep well until around 2am when I woke for the last time and - did something, I'm not sure what - and crashed until my alarm went off in the middle of one of the weirdest dreams I've had yet (and still I don't remember it!).  
I fed the Little Miss Stevie and the fishies, ate breakfast while I listened to the radio and put on the laundry of towels and sheets - two loads.  While I was waiting for this to be done, I walked down to Lisa's house to see how their day went... Betty was up and having a coffee.  We chatted and she was thrilled that I had gotten what I wished for over Christmas.  Before long, though, it was time to come home, hang out the laundry and look at cleaning up this place a little.
I photographed my presents and put them away, hung out the laundry, emptied out the bags of pressies and spent two hours hooking up my iTouch to the itunes site online and downloading what was needed to get music from online - and on my computer - onto my iTouch.  There was so much running around on this stupid little thing that I was stuffed by the time midday came around.  The next thing I know I'm talking to a friend on the phone and we've chatted for almost two hours and it's 3pm!  Oh My God!  Exactly where did my afternoon go???  Well, at least I've used it up a little.  Until my next post, take care, keep warm and safe and remember, I'm always here... and of course, Merry Christmas!

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