Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Busiest Week Ahead.... Ever!

Okay, it's two weeks before Christmas and my family is doing a Secret Santa... the problem with this?  None of us have received our recipient's lists in the mail.  Normally, I have got all my Christmas Shopping finished and I'm kicking back with a good book and doing some painting.  However, this year, I'm stressed out that I need to buy a present for somebody that I may not be able to buy for them because there won't be anything left in the rush.
Now, I've organised a Secret Santa in the family before and it worked out really well.  Everyone got their people's names well before Christmas and they were happy as they had time to get the shopping done.  Now, I'm not putting down the person who is organising this one, but really they're cutting it very fine; and I don't like shopping this late in the game of Christmas.
This week, I'm busy as hell.  Already, I've been asked to edit the remains of an anthology I'm publishing in the New Year.  All I have to do is go through it and see if it looks okay and read through the corrections; and give it the go-ahead.  I've chosen the cover and title colour (deep burgendy); and just today, I've put in the dedication and a warning there's adult content, violence and some things that may make some readers uncomfortable.  The blurb was suggested and I like it; so gave that the go-ahead.  And seeing there were six stories, I've read the editings for four of the stories; and have two to go... ironically the last two are the longest stories out of the lot.  I have to get them all e-mailed back to the lady who helped me out with them before Friday; and I'll get it all done by Thursday morning at the latest.
Tomorrow, I'll be out and about at Logan Central Plaza paying off my 'Supernatural' boxset.  This is the whole 8 seasons of the hit television series which is coming to a finish soon which I've been paying off for the whole year.  I've got one more payment to go on it and it's mine!  I'll be wrapping it up for myself for Christmas and putting it under the tree.  Then, I have to get some medication from the chemist, journal and celophane and then come home.  It's just little stuff; but I need it.  
On Friday, I think I have a Chiropractor's appointment; I'm not sure, and so have to check.  But right afterwards, I'll be taken to a friend's place from Mum and Dad's place.  So, I'll have to take all my stuff with me that will be traveling with me overnight.  Saturday will be spent coming home and recovering from what is usually a party; and this one will be a pool party.
Before long, next week will begin and this week will slip by very quickly... taking us to Christmas and NYE... and then suddenly - very suddenly - it will be 2012; with another year gone.  
Wow... and what a year.  And this post began about how busy this week is going to be; and I have ended up talking about next year... how did that happen?  Until my next post, take care, keep warm and safe and remember, I'm always here. 

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