Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Brisbane's Cold Snap

Wow!  Is it cold!  I've just put on two more layers of clothing and have a blanket over my knees... and I'm only feeling warm now.  Yep, a cold snap has hit Brisbane and it's raining as well - just to make sure us Queenslanders know what it feels like to have Winter suddenly show up on our doorstep.  

And it's only June.  I'd hate to know what July has in store for us!

Anyway, this week started out plain and ordinary; with not much going on.  I thought it was going to be a good, week to stay home and do nothing much but read a few books, do some knitting and watch a couple of movies while the rain and cold did their thing.  However, I was wrong!  
Socially, I had the guys from Pirroth Wine Company drop by on their annual wine-tasting afternoon yesterday.  This was the same company that was supposed to come around last month, but the guy was a no-show.  I just figured he got his days and weeks mixed up and didn't worry about it too much.  So, I didn't call them about it; not until they called me on Monday night and they told me that the guy who was supposed to come to see me was no longer with the company and that he stood me up was not acceptable.  So, yesterday, the two guys arrived with a lovely bottle of German Pirroth wine in hand - along with the gift that I was supposed to get on their visits - and then we sat down and did some tasting.
This wine is great.  It's got no preservatives in it and is beautiful in bouquet as well as taste.  When you've swallowed it, the after-taste sticks around for a while instead of quickly vanishing (as a lot of bottle shop wines do).  And the  best thing is that these wines aren't cheap; they are well-priced and the company sell by the case.  And if anything goes wrong with the case you've bought (like if one of the bottles goes off or if your palate changes over time), you can get your money back or have the wines changed over.  It's a great company.  And this is why I have them come back each year to see what they have in store; even if I don't buy from them, as least I know what they have.  I did give out Geoff and Vivienne's number to them; as they're the type of people who don't like preservatives in their vino either... also, they know people who like good wine around their area too.

Then, today, I had a guy from Super-Geek come and have a look at my computer.  It's been stuffing up lately by restarting over and over when I turn it on in the mornings - how frustrating! - so I thought to  get it looked at by a professional.  When he arrived, he had a quick look and said that my sweet puter was on her last legs... everything in it was beginning to show the signs of being overworked; and this was why it's beginning to restart on its own.  It was good I defragged it on Monday; but it wasn't going to do it much good seeing it's an older computer.  He asked me if I played any games on it - I don't - and he asked if I stored anything on it - just photos.  I said that I've been storing my important stuff on my usb sticks as I've found that the computer has a habit of losing things on me.  He smiled and said that's a sign it's putting it where it can find it, but I can't and it's trying really hard to work efficiently.  Sad but true.  So, he said that it'd be a good idea to get a whole new computer - which will cost me a bit, but it will cover everything in it and I will save myself a lot of money; instead of updating one component, then another then another; where it'll cost me more than a new computer.  I agreed with him on that.  

The rest of my week is going to be just as full as the beginning.  I've got to go out to Mum and Dad's area to pick up a handbag from getting fixed, drop off the bottle of wine to them and then chat to them about the computer and see if Dad can help me with getting the money for it to be worked on.  As for Friday, I'll be out at Garden City to pick up a magazine, go to Medicare and sort out some stuff from last year.  Then, on Saturday, I'll be at the Gallery for the workshop for the Collector's Exhibition... lots of fun. 
Yep, a slow week, turned very busy almost overnight.  Interesting how weeks do that to us once in a while.  What I'm not looking forward to in the next day or so is going out in the cold and rain.  Oh well, I guess I can't choose the weather I want to be out in, right?  Until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm and remember I'm always here.

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