Monday, June 18, 2012

Busy Morning

This morning, I was up at around 8am, grabbed the laundry, and downstairs by 8:15am.  The pets were fed, Little Miss Stevie wasn't pleased I pulled her covers off and opened the curtains, but she seemed happy enough to give me a cuddle without biting me.  And once the laundry was on, I made myself breakfast and sat down.  
Today was going to be a day of either being very busy or being lazy - or both! - who knows.  Either way, I had to put away a lot of things and tidy up.  I ate breakfast, hung out the first load of laundry and put away the clothes horse (after folding the towels on it from last week) and put on the next load.  Then, wiped down the counter and went out the back to check on my Basil plant.  After uncovering it, I moved it out of the way and pushed the rotting palings back into place and shifted it back, then noticed a piece of wood was underneath the large white table.  Kneeling down, I found it was one of the supports from the middle of the table... hell!  I need a new table in the next few months before this one falls apart on me in a major way!  
Well, I left the piece of wood nearby to remind me to start looking around for a new outdoor setting and went back inside to organise the lounge room - it was a mess!  Since Saturday night, I hadn't done much as I was so tired, and then yesterday I got into the front complex garden and then watched Hawthorn kick butt at the MCG; whipping the Brisbane Lions' in the mud and pouring rain and cold.  The rain was so heavy even the commentators were having a hard time trying to figure out who was who on the field.  But it was a good game to listen to while I fixed up my self-portrait.
But today, I left the portrait alone and tidied up the lounge, put away the VCR remote control, put any clothes and books upstairs that were supposed to be in my bedroom and office, then hung up any bags sitting on the lounge and straightened out the cover.  Yep!  I was expecting company; namely my Dad.  He and I were going out to pick up my turntable - which had been left at Woodys' for a few days - and his new stylus.  Before he arrived, I folded up kitchen towels and had put away some recipe books from the weekend of cooking pancakes and put the Sunday Mail next to the entertainment unit.  Then, I had to hang out the laundry just before we left the house.  
It's been a busy morning... can't say it hasn't.  But the house is a little tidier than it normally would be.  And the great things is that I received more postcards this morning in the mail from New Zealand!  That's great!  I put them in date order and stuck them up around the calendar in my kitchen/dining area for everyone to see.  Well, this afternoon, I've got my mind on reading more of 'The Gunslinger' by Stephen King and then cooking up a nice pasta dish for dinner after I get in and write up the shopping list for Wednesday.  Otherwise, I've got a good slow afternoon of not much to do.  Until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm and remember, I'm always here. 

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