Monday, June 4, 2012

The Three Monkeys

Yesterday, I was out and about in West End for my monthly get-together with friends.  I love getting into the city on this day of the month as it gets me away from Logan City and the house and it's a lot of fun to sit and chat with friends who I don't see all month.  Yes... I'm becoming a lot more social than I used to be and love it.  
It took me only half an hour or so to get into the city.  On the way in, I saw people catching the bus from Garden City to The Gabba to catch the Lions play.  When I asked who they were playing against, the guy said West Coast and that both teams were at the top of the ladder; then turned to his mate and said that I was a 'stupid chick'.  When he walked past me on the bus, I said that I supported the Hawks; who are also at the top of the ladder as well.  Yep, they were younger than me... silly really.
Well, I made it to Southbank and walked up Melbourne Street, past the Fox Hotel and to the corner of Boundary, Moullini Street (where there's a structure there that looks like an alien space craft just landed).  I walked past the Commonwealth Bank and looked up at the side of the next building and found The Three Monkeys Cafe and Teahouse.  This place is a cool place that is always packed out!  I walked in and found myself in a completely different world... of dark woods, small niches everywhere, mirrors, plants and a family-friendly atmosphere.  It appeared small but the place sprawled from the tiny insides to out the back where it opened up to the beautiful half-covered areas where natural light played and plants gave cool shade.  I felt right at home immediately, but I had to find my friends first before sitting down.
So, I joined in the line of people and tried to decide on what to get to eat.  It wasn't easy.  I knew what drink I was going to get - a latte - but the food was something of a gastronomical delight; from what was written up on the boards.  So, I ordered some cake - at $7.95, I wondered if I had ordered something worthwhile.  I took my table number and went outside to the first big table where some young girls had quickly abandoned it because it was 'too damned cold to be out here'... and so I  grabbed the table.  Will showed up and so did my cake; which he took one look at it and was almost ill.  He had pulled himself off sugar over the last few months and anything that looked this sugary was sickening to him.  I took one mouthful and found it horribly sweet; sweeter than I anticipated, and only made it through two more mouthfuls before pushing it away and opting for my home-made cake I had brought with me.  Will grabbed some of my cake and loved it... saying it was just lovely and not too sweet.  
We sat chatting about what has been happening over the last month when a few more people showed up.  They ordered their drinks and food and we all settled in for a good talk for a few hours.  It was great to enjoy the company of other people for a while and not worry about what was happening around us.  
By around 3pm, two of the people took off home and said their farewells.  Then, Will scooted around and sat next to me and us for still chatted for a while before I said I had to go to catch the next bus before it became too dark too quick.  So, we all left at the same time.  Hugs were exchanged all around and we went in our own directions.  I walked to the Southbank Bus Station and caught the 555 to the Hyperdome - getting off at Springwood - and then caught a cab home as it was getting dark and I had missed the 550 to Browns Plains.  
Once home, I made myself a pizza and watched a little television, taped a cool sci-fi writers' show on sbs and then shuffled off to bed.  It had been a good day... a long afternoon... and I had a headache from all that travelling and I was overtired.  I crashed and woke at the early hours of this morning to my alarm; not wanting to get out of bed.  The best thing was that this morning... the sun was out and has stayed out.  How great is that?  Until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm and remember, I'm always here.

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