Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Sunny Day at Last

It's been strange weather lately.  Wet, cold and blustery.  However, we've been expecting it as it's Winter after all.  But as this time has come, my family has begun dealing with the personal effects of Uncle Allan.  On Monday, Mum and Dad took me to his house to look around and pick up some vinyls and books.
I found there were so many vinyls there that I didn't know where to start; so I thought it best to wait until I returned home.  And then, when I did, I began cleaning them and found a lot of them were filthy.  My cleaning rag - the lint-free cloth I usually use - turned black in no time flat!  I've had to wash it for the first time in a year.  But that's okay, it gave me time to clean dust off the turntable that I hadn't noticed until recently.  Once that was cleaned up, I fiddled withe the stylus a bit to get dust off it and the darned thing broke!  I only broke it a few weeks ago.  This happened yesterday... so Dad and I took it into Woodys' (where I bought the stylus) and Gary looked at my turntable; to make sure it was the right stylus for it.  And it was, but we nutted out a solution.  We decided to leaved my turntable at the store to let him look at the new stylus in case it was sitting low and dragging - as I said it was.  This will take around a week to arrive.  So, I'm without a turntable.  My little Sony stereo system looks very naked without the turntable on top... it really does!  And I'm kinda lost without it as vinyls are pretty much all I play now.
As I said earlier, I found some books that interested me at Uncle Allan's place.  They were mostly gardening books.  However, there were some sci-fi books and one was a book written by a cleric that looked interesting; so I took that one and added it to the collection as well.  I've yet to look at it properly to see what it is about.  However, I did find a copy of 'The Red Dwarf: Log 1996'  talk about hilarious!  I love that show... it was brilliant UK humour at it's very best; and I do miss that show something bad. 
Anyway, today, I did some laundry and the sun stayed out!  What a difference that's making to everything!  Little Miss Stevie is quietly fluffed up and nice and warm on her perch and I'm looking outside and knowing it's going to be a good day... well until my laundry is dry.  This weekend I've got an art workshop to attend.  I can't wait as it's the first of 5 workshops that will end in an exhibition of a piece of art.  Sounds good, eh?  I hope it works out.  I have written a more detailed post about it in 'A Natural Background' if you wish to know more.  Until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm and remember, I'm always here.

Photos for this post: 

Some of the books I chose
Uncle Allan's old vinyls

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