Sunday, June 17, 2012

Exhausted Sunday

This morning, I wanted to get up and put on the laundry, vacuum the house and wash the floors...  I wanted to, but I'm just too darned exhausted.  Yesterday took everything out of me and all I want to do today is laze about here and around my house and play vinyls.  
However, the turntable won't be here until tomorrow because Mum and Dad stayed over at Gabe and Kat's place last night after playing cards.  But we might see about what will happen with that yet.  I might bus it over to the Woodys' and then cab it home... dunno yet.  I don't wish to wait another day for my turntable; and yet I don't know what to do to get it home without bumping it around too much.  This kind of thing drives me nuts; but it looks like we'll be picking it up tomorrow.
Yesterday was a great success.  I worked in the morning on my own - as my partner in crime at the desk was down the flu - and then I was in the Collector's Workshop for our first week.  I'm looking forward to getting my artworks started; and then looking at installing it at Pineapple Park on week 6.  However, it took 4 hours for us to all chat about our collections, how we got started and why.  And it was hilariously funny in a lot of parts too.  When it came around to my collection, I wasn't nervous and I found it was great to talk to like-minded people who have the same kind of passion for collecting as I do.  My collection was inter-connected with my passion for books - as an ordinary thing to collect - and my passion for reading and writing books as well.  So, my fellow collectors found there was a deeper meaning to my collecting than just finding out-of-print books or the signed books.  And they asked me some brilliant questions on how to know which books were first editions, how to tell an out-of-print book from one that's still in print and signed books - how to tell a fake to a real signature.  I said that a lot of my research has been done online; and I have met some authors as well - so have known their signatures well.  It's been a great journey to find, read and collect the written word - no matter what language it's in - and they were astounded that I knew so much about my collection and that I'm still learning about it too.  What got a few of them thinking was what will happen to my books once I'm not around anymore.  I told them that if nobody in my family wants my older books, they will be sent to the Queensland State Library Archives for preservation; so that they will never be lost.  I don't wish for them to be lost; not after I took so long to find them.  They all agreed with me and were as passionate about where they'd go too.
Next week, we're off into the city on a bus trip to look at art spaces and locations; to see how things are displayed in different places around the city.  I'm looking forward to the day out.

Today, I made pancakes for breakfast.  It was a lot easier this time around as I did some prep work last night and didn't use the electric hand-beater for the eggs and sugar this time.  Instead, I opted for the whisk and found it was a lot easier to use and better to make the batter when it came to adding the egg, milk and sugar ingredients to the dry ingredients; and it all mixed in faster too!  They were so much more fluffy and delicious as well!  And yes, this time I ate them with Maple Syrup... what a treat!

Today, I have a few things to do.  I really need to clean up a little.  The kitchen needs a tidy up, the recycling needs throwing out, I have to mow the lawn and pull some weeds and then, I'll work on reading more of 'The Gunslinger' with a nice warm drink by my side.  Yep, this sounds like a lot of work, but really, it's just a lazy Sunday afternoon of not much work and little bit of what needs to be done.  Until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm and remember, I'm always here.


Collector's Workshop - Week One 16/6/2012

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