Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Busy Shopping Day

I was away late today. However this morning wasn't without its hiccups before leaving.  I opened up the house to let in the sun and the rubbish truck showed up just when I thought to let Little Miss Stevie out for a little bit.  She saw that massive thing coming toward our place to empty the bins outside it and she took a flying leap onto my chest and ran onto my shoulder and hid under my hair!  How funny is that!  She really hates that truck... I gave her cuddle and settled her down and stayed with her until it went away.
After collecting the bin, I quickly got myself ready to leave.  The mail was checked and I caught the bus across the road and was out starting my shopping day in no time.  Finch seed was picked up for Little Miss Stevie and I chatted with the lady at the pet store.  While there, an African kid came in, looked around and found the fish area and immediately stuck his hands in the tanks to try to catch the fish.  The owner of the shop stopped him quickly and said it wasn't the done thing.  He asked a few questions and then asked if they sold frogs and after she said no, he left.
I walked to Triple C Shopping Plaza and dropped into Life Line - as usual - and found a bag I really liked.  But the straps needed work on them as they were beginning to give out on it.  So, I'll see what the guy at Arndale can do for me on Friday and see if he can reinforce them for me.  And I bought a little pedicure/manicure set; very cute.
Woolworths was okay.  I noticed it was much more opened up than usual.  They had worked on the place - like they said they were going to in the adverts and on the news - and so I went about my normal vegetable hunting routine and bought my chocolate as well.  But I forgot my cashews; oh well, next time.
I walked to Logan Central Plaza, paid off some of a layby at Woodys' and sussed out some picture frames in K-Mart and then headed off to the chemist for a prescription.  I left it there to do my shopping - which didn't take me all that long - and I stuck to my list.  Then, it was back to the chemist and picked up my prescription; and then it was time to fight the trolley and my blue trolley's control to get myself to the cab rank.  Before I arrived there, I ordered one on the public phone and was relieved to sit down.
I arrived home by around 12:30pm and then had the task of putting everything away.  This didn't take long; and I do enjoying knowing what I've bought... it's always fun to know what's in my pantry and what's not... and then I made myself a milk coffee drink and jump online.  
Yep, it's been a good long day of spending money, working on art projects (even a little bit) and picking up my meds.  However, it was a good day to be out walking in the Winter sunshine of Logan City.  The day wasn't too hot.  I found I had a stiff neck; but it wasn't anything three panadol couldn't take care of quickly.  Other than that, I am looking forward to making nachoes for dinner tonight... yummo, comfort food.  Until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm and remember, I'm always here.

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