Friday, June 8, 2012

Busy Shopping Week

This week was pay week; and I received more money in my account than usual from the government.  So, I thought to get myself a few new things around the house; namely replace the things I need that have worn out.
I went out shopping and bought myself another pair of pajamas from K-Mart.  They're purple and have flowers on them and are silky ones.  I love them as they're a bit big; and I can move in them while I sleep.  Then, I found myself two pairs of jeans at Life Line!  How cool is that!!! I'm wearing one pair now, and they are so warm!
I paid off some of my layby at Woodys and bought up what I wanted at Coles and some things at the Chemist and then came home with a whole lot of groceries.  It felt good to have most of what I wanted.

But today, I needed to go out again.  I wanted to get a few more things at K-Mart that I had missed out on.  So, I thought to head up to Garden City and look around there instead of my usual stomping grounds.  I bought myself two more pillows for my bed (and also in case I have anyone staying over.  It's always good to have two spare for the fold-out lounge), a 3-cup coffee plunger and a new pair of slippers.  However, as I sat in Gloria Jean's Coffee House, I checked my bag for Mum and Dad's house key and found I had forgotten it!  How embarrassing!  So, I caught the first bus home, dropped off my purchases, grabbed their house key and caught another bus to Springwood... I fortunately didn't have to wait too long.
But when I arrived at Springwood, I found I only had 15 minutes until my appointment at the chiropractor's.  So, instead of going to Mum and Dad's place, I walked there and waited for my appointment.  Once I had my adjustment, I was off to Coles to get some shopping done for Mum and Dad before they arrived home from New Zealand.  I stuck to my list and it didn't take long; but short trip to their house took almost an hour!
I ordered my taxi, went to the rank and found there were two older ladies waiting there.  They had been there an hour in the cold waiting for their taxies; and one of them was about 80.  So, when my taxi came, I let her take it.  She was so stiff from waiting in the cold - on a cold, metal bench - for so long, she couldn't get up or walk.  So, I helped her along with another lady to the taxi.  The driver assisted her into the Maxi-Taxi and took her home immediately.  One of the guys at the rank went and called another two cabs when a Silver Service taxi came and we gave it to the other elderly lady to get her home and out of the cold.   It was awful to know those two ladies were suffering so much in the cold afternoon and no taxies were coming to get us.  And it took another 20 minutes for another taxi to show up!
Once I arrived at Mum and Dad's - and cab driver helped me with my groceries up the stairs - I put everything away, returned a phone call and then I called yet another taxi to take me home as it was beginning to get really cold and cloudy outside.  I thought it might start raining.  
When I walked through the door of home, I immediately covered Little Miss Stevie with her heavy covers and closed up the house.  I was starving!  I put away all the things I needed to put away and started on dinner... it was only 4:30pm but I needed something substantial in my stomach.  So, I made nachoes - quick, easy and hot.  They really hit the spot!  It's late now.  I didn't really watch much on tv... no movies were worth watching.  And so, I turned off the television and gave my dear sweet budgie a cuddle before covering her over then turning off the lights.  I'm now about to head off to bed myself.  I really need a good nights' sleep.  Until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm and remember, I'm always here.

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