Monday, June 11, 2012

Dull Wet Weekend

Wasn't Saturday lovely?  Not too bad on the cool front, but lovely and sunny, yep, we had that in spades.  Then, overnight, it turned, dull, cold and windy.  Today, it's Monday - the Queen's Birthday Long Weekend here in Australia - and it's not the best time to have a BBQ.  But people are out there in force trying to make the best of the bad weather.  I suspect, they're taking the kids to the movies because they are sick of them complaining that they're bored.
Today, Mum, Dad and I went to Uncle Allan's house.  This was the first time for me since his service; and there's a lot to go through.  I was allowed to have the vinyls and any of the books.  So, now, I'm home and they are all stacked away under the stereo system waiting to be searched through, cleaned, played and thought about and sorted.  The ones I do sell will be ones I don't know much about; and the money will go back to Mum.
I look forward to hearing the music Uncle Allan played years ago and I hope to share them with Mum and Dad when I've made my selection of vinyls.  There's about 4 box sets that I will keep; as you don't find them anywhere anymore.  And there's one vinyl where there's traditional Greek music on it; and I love that kind of music.  So, I can't wait to play all of them over the next few weeks and see what they're like.  The great thing is that they weren't laying down; nope, they were all standing up, none of them are warped as far as I know.
As for the books, I found a few good ones that I brought home.  I grabbed all the gardening ones (as I need as much help as I can get with my garden, seeing it's in its infancy.  And then, there were some sci-fi books and poetry books and a book written by a cleric I found interesting.  This all came home with me too. 
Now, I'm back here looking at all of it as it waits for me work on it and listen to it and read it.  How exciting is that?  Very cool, and yet very sad at the same time that Uncle Allan isn't here to give us what he wants us to have in person.  Until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm and remember, I'm always here.

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  1. has heard there has been alot of severe weather been happening around the country lately. Also I heard the crushing season for sugar has been delayed in Central QLD as they had alot of rainy days recently. They said it was unusual to see this because they generally have a dry winter season.