Saturday, June 9, 2012

Home Again!

Today, my parents come home from New Zealand.  They've spent three weeks there traveling around the North and South Islands of that beautiful country and have seen it's wonderful scenery.  They also saw the first snowfall!  
And now, after a few e-mails, two postcards and a couple of phone calls (made at their place to their mobile), they are both coming home in about an hour from Auckland.  Gabe and Kat are picking them up; and I let them know about an hour ago that I had done some grocery shopping yesterday to see them through the next 24 - 48 hours.  I even bought them a bit of fish in case they felt like a simple meal of fish and veggies tonight and nothing too heavy to eat.  There's fruit and veggies, bread, eggs, two types of milk, yoghurt, grapes, cheese (two types there too) and I made sure anything that looked off was thrown out in the bin.  So, the fridge is full of nice fresh food to eat... and they don't have to go to the shop for anything after their two flights home.
I've had three of the busiest weeks around; picking up mail, going to their house, working at the Logan Art Gallery, shopping, visiting Gabe and Kat's house to hang out with Riley while they go to a Prince Concert and then doing the laundry while it rained outside.  And has it been cold!  I'm so happy I bought that new clothes horse!  It's been used so many times and everything dried on it too!  Frank - one of Uncle Allan's friends - dropped around to sort through his mail and figure out what needed looking at immediately and what could wait and what could be thrown away.  He and I caught up with what we've been doing after Uncle Allan's service.  I do miss him a lot; especially since this is the first time my folks have been overseas and usually I call him and we have a chat... and he's not there to talk to anymore.  I really felt lonely on that one night I wanted to talk to him.
From Wednesday to yesterday, I was busy as busy!  I did almost all my shopping on Wednesday.  Then, I was home.  Then, on Thursday, I caught up with laundry and cleaning up... only to have the house messy again.  Yesterday, I didn't stop!  I felt as though I spent most of my day on a bus... then in taxis that weren't going to show (as you can read below).  
However, today, I'm relieved to say that I can concentrate on working on a few art projects I've been invited to, my knitting and tidying up the house a bit.  The sun is playing hide'n'seek with the clouds and it's still quite cold; even though it's just gone midday.  So, not long ago, I put the covers back on my little bird's cage so she can keep warm - as her feet were ice cold! - and so I'll be off now to tidy up the lounge room and make some nice hot coffee.  I have a book to edit; and it may be last time I use Mum's laptop to do it before I do it here on the desktop again.  Until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm and remember, I'm always here.

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