Saturday, June 2, 2012

Busy Fun Weekend

I woke this morning with a thousand jobs and unfinished work I had to do around the house running through my head; and yet, I wanted to stay in bed and crawl in under the covers.  Jumping out of bed, I forced myself to get dressed, make my bed and get downstairs to put the laundry on.
The pets were fed, the washing was started and I put out the rubbish from two days ago; then I went outside and uncovered the Basil to let it get some sunlight, as it's been struggling to get through the rain clouds this morning.  I made myself breakfast and picked up the list from yesterday and last night and looked at what needed to be done next.  You see, last night, I sat in front of the television and sorted through two bags of rubbish from the home office and have only one bag of useful things and one bag of things to be shredded and tossed out a purple rubbish bag of stuff into the bin before I went to bed.  And did it make me feel great!  Of course it did!  Nothing like spending 3 hours on a clean-up that you needed to get done three weeks ago and you go it done in one night when there was nothing on television to watch.
After doing that, I washed up, closed up and went to bed... that was last night.  And now, this is today.  The radio is on, the sun is battling with the rain clouds to dry out Brisbane City and I'm hoping that the cake I made tastes good (well, of course!  It's got cranberries and blueberries in it!).  
Today, I vacuumed the lounge room, hung up one load of laundry that really needed to get done, then brought the laundry basket upstairs and quickly tidied up my office so it looks good for the next week.  I'm hoping to do some serious editing of my books and short stories.  
Tomorrow, I'm looking forward to going out to see my friends at New Farm Park.  I haven't been there for two months and I'm hoping we can all meet up, scoff down good food and talk.  I also have a birthday present for Will - whose birthday was on Friday - and I hope he likes it.  I bought him Peace Flags for his place.  They ought to look good; and they're just a good, colourful thing to have in your place.  
Well, today's not yet gone and I have gotten a lot done.  I have Frank coming around this afternoon - a friend of Uncle Allan's.  We've found a few things arriving in the mail that just aren't right; so he's coming around to have a good look at it all seeing Mum and Dad are overseas.  The kitchen table is still a bit of a mess and I have to tidy up a bit and dust.  Until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm and remember, I'm always here.

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