Thursday, May 31, 2012

May Is Something Different!

This month was a month of many things, of many changes, of giving and taking and the beginning of the grieving process of the loss of my dear Uncle Allan.  We will miss him and his exuberance greatly; however life must go on and he would want us to do just that.  It's May and I have found that since the beginning of the year, a lot of things have happened to set my life into a massive spiral of change; bringing it to this particular time in my life.
May was the month where I knew I'd have my life right on schedule to be doing some big things.  And thankfully, I have saved up some money, got my garden into some kind of order and have cleaned out over 50% of my house and life well before June/July.  So, really I'm ahead of schedule.  
I took my Mum out to a lovely early Mother's Day a few days prior to the day at Garden City and bought her practical things for her at Robin's Kitchen that would replace some worn out things in her kitchen.  Seeing I was replacing items in my house, I thought it was only fit that her place began to have a new life of its own as well.  After all, they are retired and life should become easier for them; and what's easier than new things all over the house, especially in the kitchen? 
Mum and Dad took off to New Zealand soon after Mother's Day and I collected their mail and have been shipping it back to their place and sorting it.  While I'm there, I take in the paper, throw the rubbish I find on the footpath and driveway in the bin and make sure everything it okay.  Otherwise, I don't stay too long and make sure I don't lock myself out.
The weather has been becoming cooler and a bit wet.  I'm so thankful I bought the new clothes horse when I did last month!  It's been invaluable for when I needed to hang out clothes from the clothes line when they're not quite dry, or hand-washing which has been washed at night and need a place to hang them and it's going to rain for the next few days.
This month has been busy, wet, cool and getting colder and interestingly quiet.  I'm missing my Uncle Allan and wanted to talk to him the other night and almost called him; and forgot he wasn't around to chat to.  It was the saddest thing of all of when a person passes away... you miss them the most when you want to tell them something really juicy or just want to call them up to hear their voice, but you can't.  Well, it's raining outside now and very quiet and only just going onto 10pm... a really early night around here.  I must be going.  Until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm and remember, I'm always here.


  1. The first twelve months are always the hardest after losing someone you known in your life. I feel as you get older it is harder to move on quickly as you have known the deceased person for too long in your life. The memories of your beloved Uncle will always be in your heart! I am sure he will be watching you from above time to time.

    1. Thank you for your wonderful words of comfort, craftynut. I do miss Uncle Allan a lot. Just the other night, I almost called him just to chat; as I normally do when Mum and Dad are overseas, but this is the first time they've been on holidays and he's not there to talk to. I really miss him being around to chat to. :(