Sunday, May 6, 2012

A Weekend of Cool

This weekend, has been somewhat sunny and cool; perfect to snuggle under the duvet more and sleep in even though it's daylight outside.  However, I was up before 8am this morning and out the door to buy the paper.  The near-Winter sunlight was perfect to photograph some birds high in a tree and pigeons perched on the pool fence preening themselves and each other.  
By around 9:30am, the laundry was out on the line and I was on here surfing the net, uploading photos and generally chatting on blogs and facebook.  It's been pretty quiet in cyberspace, but it's a long weekend and I guess people are away to enjoy it, so I better enjoy the peace and quiet while I can. 

Yesterday, I was out and about at The Coffee Club at Springwood at a writers' meet-up for a couple of hours.  It started at 10am and finished around 1pm.  I had a great time!  When I arrived, there were people there having brunch, celebrating birthdays and just generally enjoying a cup of coffee with friends - but there was barely an empty table!  I have never seen the place like this!  I was amazed at how popular it's become to eat here.  And to think that when I was in primary school, there used to be the fish'n'chip shop sitting here instead (which is now around the corner; still!) and we used to sit on the grassy hill where the verandah is now... yeah, a lot has changed around Logan and Springwood, sometimes, I think too much; but I think that's just me.
I found a seat and sat down with two or three guys gabbing about something; and they totally ignored me for a  good five minutes.  They didn't even try to pull me into the conversation; but I did try to take an interest.  And when they noticed, they began talking in a code I didn't understand - or spoke softer  so I couldn't catch all the words.  How rude can ya get!  So, I ended up getting up and grunting that I knew when I wasn't wanted and leaving them to their own little universe of words and told the organiser.  She told me that they did that all the time and yes, it was very rude of them and not to worry about them.  So, I found myself another place to sit where an old friend of mine, Pat Hill, and myself talked for a while about our current projects and then I got chatting to a few other people about editing, printing and copy writing and proof-reading... all the stuff I can't talk to anyone about.  We all got in and drank coffee, ate great food and bought books from each other and enjoyed chatting for those hours.
Too soon, though, we all parted ways.  And on the way home, I found that I was quite tired from that morning of networking with other writers; but it wasn't a depressing kind of tired, it was good kind of tired; the kind where I know I'll be going back there again in two months' time.
I headed to Mum and Dad's place and spent the afternoon with them surfing the net and reading a few things on there while they did their own thing.  Then, Mum drove me home and got to see my new clothes horse up close and loved it!  She thought it was good purchase and something I really did need.  The best thing she loved was that it folded up so neatly and fitted into such my storage facility so well... now that's what it's all about with these things, isn't it?  We hung about in my back garden for a little while before she took off home to go out to see Gabe play in his band at The Musick Cafe on Boundary Street in West End.

Today, I was up a bit before 8am and bought the paper.  After breakfast, I hung out the towels and did the hand-washing and hung that out too.  Now, it's after midday and I really need to get into some more cleaning up; mainly the vacuuming and washing of floors - yep I try to get them done together.  And the office needs a once over with tidying up too.  Until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm and remember, I'm always here.

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