Monday, May 21, 2012

Working Week

It's the beginning of another working week; and not just for people who have a paying job either.  I also have some jobs around the house that need doing in a big way that have been ignored for far too long.  It's a long-believed myth that people who are on pensions and stay-at-home Mum's don't do anything around the house but sit in front of the television and watch their daily soap operas.  This is far from true.  I'll take you through what I'm going to do this week.
Today, I have some work around the house to do.  After sorting through the newspapers on the kitchen table last night, I have found I've gotta throw out last week's Sunday Mail and some other things around the place.  There's also the recycling I gotta throw out in the big bin up the back of the place and the lounge room to tidy up and dust.  Then, I have to clean the toilets and bathroom and then, I'll be working on the planning of the backyard (how many pots I need, how much potting mix and plants too - yep, I'll be getting more new plants to fill out the empty spots that will be around the yard).  Tonight, I'll be writing out my shopping list for Wednesday. It won't be much seeing how much food is still hanging around my place and that I am hoping to take another walk soon and see when that new fruit'n'veggie market will open down the road.  Then, I may not have to go to Woolworths to buy my fruit and veggies from there; and just my chocolate and soap.  I'd be saving even more money because I can walk there for everything I need.
Tomorrow, it's supposed to rain.  So, I'll see how the laundry went today and if it needs to be hung out on the clothes horse.  However, there's still a bit to do around here.  I have to put away the clean laundry, wash the floors, Glen-20 everything from my being crook last week (the sinus I've had is going away) and see what else I need for the shopping list as last minute items before heading off to bed.
Wednesday is a pre-booked day of shopping.  I leave the house as early as possible - between 8am and 9:30am and come home whenever I want.  I usually arrive home between 11am and noon; there's no set time for me so there's no pattern I run to.  Tomorrow, I'll be catching a different bus to my usual 550 so I can get to the pet store near Aldi.  Then, I walk from there to Woolworths pick up my fruit'n'veggies and then I walk to Logan Central Plaza and do the rest of my shopping.  Sure it's a long way to walk, but I do get a taxi home with all I need for a fortnight.
Thursday and Friday are days where I either go out or stay home.  I'll be taking mail to Mum and Dad's house to check up on it and take in the papers.  I'll be making sure there's no parcels on the front verandah and anything else that might be waiting for them.  I'll also be going over there to run Mum's car and sweep up the leaves from the Liquid Amber from next door... jeez that's a messy tree.  It'll be a day out where I'll be there for only about an hour but it'll be a good day out too.  
Saturday is a day out for me too.  I'm volunteering at the Logan Art Gallery for the morning.  So, I'll be there until just after lunch; then catch a bus home.  This makes it a full day out for me.  Oh well, that's how it all works for a person catching public transport.  Anyway, that's my working week.  Sometimes it's not as busy, other times it's just as busy - even worse - but then, I guess each of us have weeks like this.  Until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm and remember, I'm always here.

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