Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Weird Laundry Day

Today has been a strange old day to do any laundry.  At first, I got out the three loads I had planned to have out on the line and the skies looked good.  After I turned off the washing machine, I thought I was in the all clear.  The mail was checked, and the skies still looked great as I walked home.  Then, they clouded over and there was a shower.  So, out came the clothes horse and I pulled in the essentials and hung them up on it.  
Seeing I had both my flannel sheets on the line, I thought to bring them in and put them in the dreaded fire trap of a dryer (the timer doesn't work on the stupid thing so I refuse to use it).  Once they were in there, I found out it wasn't warming up.  So! There ya had it, the dryer isn't a dryer, it's useless piece of machinery that has no use for anything in my house.  It was going for 10 minutes and the sheets came out wetter than they went in - not to mention colder.  So, back out on the line they went!
Over this time, the sun was playing hide and seek between, around and behind the clouds, completely frustrating me to no end.  I didn't know whether the weather was going to stablise or turn cold and pour rain.  So, I began cleaning up the house and putting away things for this afternoon (I've got some wine sellers coming around for a tasting; I did it last year and had fun and thought to do it this year too!).  Once the house was tidy enough, the clothes horse was moved into a corner where I wasn't running into it and Little Miss Stevie was warm, I looked at the time and found it was almost 11am.  
It's been around half an hour since I last went outside and still large Cumulus Nimbus are drifting by threatening to wet my laundry; and yet they don't.  The sun warms the house, then it hides and the place it freezing again.  This weather is driving me around the twist.  I just wish the sun would stay out or go away.  I've ended up putting the sheets back outside; along with the pair of jeans and my new pajamas.  I need them to be dry to use tonight.  I just hope it happens; as I don't like using the dryer.  Well, until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm and remember, I'm always here.

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