Friday, May 4, 2012

Bargain Buys This Week

I've been having a good week.  On Monday, I bought a new clothes horse from Howard's Storage - and it's a brilliant one that holds a lot of clothes! - which I've had my eye on for around 2 years.  The best thing is that the price hasn't changed in all that time; so it must really sell well for them to keep it at that price.
Then, the antenna guy came around from Mr Antenna on the same day to look at my television reception and he found that when he was in my roof, it had been all wired up wrong from when the last guy was up there.  So, that's why my reception was screwing up.  
Yesterday, I was out all afternoon at the Chiropractor's.  Before that, I paid my Dentist's bill from a few months back (I had forgotten about it until after Uncle Allan's service).  Anyway, after the chiropractor's, I went for my usual walk to Rockaway to have a look around there.  After I searched the 45's I found one of 'Yakety Yak' and 'Along Came Jones' by Ray Stevens.  Then, I looked through the $4.00 lots and found AC-DC's 'Back In Black' without a cover (with a cover, it would have cost $34.00 - so I opted to have this one).  Then, I looked around more and found 'James Taylor's Greatest Hits' from 1976.  What a find!  I saw the songs on the front cover and realised I loved about 4 of them!  Once I played these vinyls, I knew I wanted them all.  Then, I spotted a Pink Floyd pen at the front counter!  Very cool, seeing I missed out seeing 'The Wall' Concert... oh well.  It's a nice one for $5.99. 
I walked back to Mum and Dad's house and showed them my vinyls and Mum was pleased that I didn't pay a lot for them - even better I decided against getting the more expensive AC-DC vinyl just because of the cover.  At least this one is in a sleeve of some type; I'll just have to remember why it doesn't have it and why I passed it up - shouldn't be too hard.
But it was a lovely day yesterday.  The sun was out, the breeze was nice and cool and I had Jamiroquai playing on my iPod... lots of fun and very enjoyable; and isn't it just wonderful when there's days like that?  You can enjoy the day and not worry about rain or the cold too much?  Our days here are becoming shorter with our nights cooler as well.  I'm glad our Winter is almost upon us as it means the end to the long Hot Summer our country is famous for.  And I just heard a day or so ago that my cousin New York has had a baby boy named Anderson; very cool.  Good on you, Nat and Stu... a lovely new addition to your family.
Well, it's Friday and the day has become a little cloudy, even though the sun is out.  However, I still don't trust our weather right now after the rain we've been having.  So, the clothes horse came out for its first use; only to find I didn't have enough plastic pegs to use on it.  Oh well, doesn't matter, that's why I go for my mail run in the mornings so early; to get what I need from the service station on the way home.  Well, until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm and remember, I'm always here.

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