Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Many Changes

I have noticed lately that I have seen a lot of changes around my life and around my little townhouse.  To some of you who don't really know me all that well, it doesn't seem too interesting to you; but for me, this year has seen a massive turnaround in what has been going on in my life in previous years.
Since I received an iTouch for Christmas, a chain of reactions has been occurring to cause old things to be replaced by new in my house.  I've only begun noticing this because compared to a year ago, my house is beginning to look nothing like it did around this time last April or May.  Last year around this time, I was struggling to make ends meet and my lounge room was looking very messy; along with a lounge cover that was torn, mended and re-torn.  After Mum bought me a new one - and I began cleaning up the place in a serious way - I found my life made a big turn-around.
I don't know if it was because the lounge looked good for the first time - well, ever! - or if it was because I was happily finding things I hadn't seen in a long time.  However, I thought that once I began cleaning up and throwing out things, I was seriously making good decisions about my place.  
By Christmas - and my present from my parents - I promised myself that this year (the year of change) would be the year I'd make things change on a permanent basis.  I'd be very brutal with what I wanted, didn't want and knew was rubbish and make sure it was ready to go out the door at the right times.  I'd buy myself the things I needed when I needed them without hesitating or shopping around for a cheaper model simply because my parents wanted me to.  If I wanted something, and I've been wanting this something, I went out, shopped around and made sure I bought it at the place I wanted to get it from.
This is something we all should be doing for our homes.  Look around you now.  If there's something you know you have in your home that has come to the end of its life and you know you must replace it... but you've been hoping for a better time to, well, I'm tellin' ya now that the time is now.  Not next week, next month or in three month's time.  It's today or tomorrow.  
I'll give you an example.  There's a clothes horse/airer I have wanted for the last 2 - 3 years at Howard's Storage at Garden City.  It costs $109.00.  It's on wheels, can take one load of laundry, coathangers, and folds up to 1/5 its size.  Pretty impressive, eh?  I thought so as I gazed at it in 2010... and Mum said that we could find one just as good at K-Mart.  Well, we went there and didn't find one anywhere as good; and so didn't end up buying one.  Since then, I haven't bought one.  But each time it rained and my laundry got wet, I thought about that larger, portable, gorgeous clothes horse I could have had from Howard's Storage; the one that I could have been using all this time instead of the flunky fold-up one that fell apart each and every time I touched it.  So, yesterday, I went out to Garden City and bought the large, on-wheels clothes horse that I had seen at Howard's Storage.  And you know what?  After two years, it was still $109.00 to buy!  What a steal!  I loved it that it folded up; and it was even better that it fits into my storage facility under my stairs in front of my ironing board!  How very cool is that?  The problem is that I didn't get it before because Mum didn't want me to.  This time, I did because I had to hang my laundry around the house on all my furniture; making it look like a teenager's bedroom... and this is embarrassing.  I have laundry to do tomorrow; and it's supposed to rain.  How cool is it that I may do my next bit of laundry and hang it up inside with my new clothes horse?

This is what I mean by new things happening and changes. 

I've also changed my garden around by buying new plants, pots and potting mix.  Now, I'm saving up for the next round of plants; and it may take another month for me to get into it, but it'll be good when I do.  Then, I've been cleaning out the kitchen - as you all know - and the home office too.  And just today, I grew tired of waiting for my Dad to help me to move my two sheds from their current position in the carport to against the back wall of my carport.  So, I did it myself; first moving one, then the other.  It took me all of twenty minutes and it was very noisy, but I got that job done.  Now, I feel as though I have more space in the car port and they are easier to get to and use; also, if somebody wishes to park underneath my carport, there's not worry about hitting them.  That's if they can actually get into my car port!

So, what's new in your life this year?  Is it a major lot of changes you've noticed?  Or are they small and fleeting and you've only just noticed because I've mentioned mine?  Until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm and remember, I'm always here.

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