Monday, April 30, 2012

April's Something Different!

This month was most certainly something different; and not in a good way towards the end of it, I'm sorry to say.  However, many things happened in the beginning of this month where I was wondering how these things occurred to me and why.
First, we had Earth Hour and it was a great success.  I listened to some music I had bought the week before on my portable cd player and wrote in my journal while sitting by candle light.  Little Miss Stevie fluffed up on her swing and snoozed until the hour was over and that was that... I took photos and put them up on my Facebook page and on 365 Project and remember why I do this each year.
By the end of the first week of this month, I had donated my old television to Life Line for their building refilling in the city after it was burnt to the ground.  But when they came to pick it up, they nearly missed me.  And then, when the guy saw the old television, he complained it was 'too big'... jeez, can't I give away anything without somebody complaining about it?  It works and that's the main point of it, isn't it?  The darned thing came with its original remote and books... at least I had those with it (unlike some people who don't keep any of those things).
Good Friday came and went and I helped Gabe and Kat move from Keperra on Easter Sunday.  Mum and Dad were on the moving crew as well.  It was a full-on day of work and... what a day!  How exhausting!  But we moved 90% of their gear in one day which is great!  
During week two, not much happened.  It was a short week and I ate plenty of chocolate... however, by the end of the week, I was battling a war in the kitchen of a very different kind than when I initially when in there for.  I was hoping to sort out my cupboards and toss out what I don't need; however it ended being the Trogan War of the Cockroaches!  Aaargh!  How the hell did they get in here?  I don't care, so long I got the upper hand!  And I did! 
By week three, I had seen progress in my backyard of the first phase of my garden transformation being a success.  I also back-filled my decade-old Large Leaf Jade... and boy!  Was that a heavy tree or what!  I can't wait until I watch it grow for another decade now. 
However, buy the end of week three, we had some very sad and upsetting news about Uncle Allan.  He had been fighting Advanced Prostate Cancer and was in Palliative Care at the QEII Hospital.  I visited him on the Friday 20th and he was going well.  He was having medication that was taking away his pain and discomfort and he looked like he was going to come home the following Monday.   However, by Sunday 22nd, he had passed away peacefully in his sleep at 4am.  Mum called me up and informed me a few hours later and I spent the day sitting around eating junk food and watching television all day.
Week four had me being very quiet and feeling very isolated because nobody from my family dropped around to see if I was okay.  I spent the first two nights of that week unable to sleep and barely able to eat.  However, when Anzac Day came around, we didn't do anything for it, except try to work around the things we were doing towards Uncle Allan's service on the coming Friday.  And it was a great service.  He had family and friends show up and there was a collection of photos shown on a television screen of him which had us laughing as well as a few people telling great stories about his life.  Then, as the end of it, as we wheeled him out, his last song played.  It was 'Always Look On the Bright Side of Life' from 'The Life of Brian'... his last wish was that we all danced and sang to beat as we walked out behind him; and we did!  It was funny, sad and touching to have that song to know him by.  When he was put in the back of the hearse, we applauded and kept singing.  And until yesterday, I had that song stuck in my head... strange how things like that happen,eh? 
Otherwise, that Friday night, I lost half of my channels on my television of all the channel 10 channels (10, 1, 11 and 12) and all of the ABC channels too (ABC1,2,3 and 24).  I spent most of my weekend watching dvds because all of the programs I normally watch are on those channels; and my television couldn't pick them up!
Today, I went out to Garden City and found myself a new clothes horse.  It's one I've been eying off for about 2 years now and this year, I knew it was time to get it because just yesterday my house looked like a Chinese Laundry; with my clothes draped everywhere to dry out... I knew enough was enough!  I needed something to use that I could easily move from one room to the next and it wouldn't fall apart on me while my clothes were on it.  So, I forked out the money for it and it's being delivered tonight.  This will give me a chance to throw out the old one now that's peeling and not much use to me.  
Today is also the day - to the date - I bought Little Miss Stevie at Pet's Paradise at Logan Central.  She's been with me for seven years and is has become such a cutie and a real socialite and flirt.  While the guy from Mr Antenna was here to fix my antenna, she was chatting and whistling at him the whole time.  Most of the time, she doesn't like people like him walking past her... so there must be something about him she liked.  Dunno.  Well, it's been a fun month, a good month, a bad month, an emotion-filled month and a sad month too... until my next post, take care, keep warm and safe and remember, I'm always here.


  1. is so sorry to hear about the lost of your family member. Everyone has different ways of griefing. Some people like to be on the own more while others wish to have someone around to guide them through the rough days.

    I am sure your beloved Uncle will be a wonderful angel and keep an eye on you from time to time from heaven.

    Only last week I got the news I have another relative being diagnosed with prostate cancer. This is the forth relative on my Dad's side who came down with this form of cancer. It is definiately a family gene issue with the males in that family generation. Unfortunately two of them have lost their battle as the cancer was found too late. I am guessing the latest patient might be the lucky one as he is coming down to Brisbane in May to have surgery to remove the organ.

    1. Thank you. My Uncle never had himself checked; thinking he was going to die of something else. But then, you know, that's how men think. They don't like the prospect of having those kinds of tests done. However, that's how life is: we have to go through some discomfort to make sure we're well inside and out.

      I'm so sorry to hear about your genetic ties to this dreadful disease on your Dad's side. Life just isn't fair, is it? I hope your relative recovers from the surgery well and they have caught it early enough.