Monday, April 2, 2012

Sunday Afternoon

Yesterday afternoon we had a good time.  However, I didn't report on it because it had become too late in the night to do so.  So, here I am today to do just that; and to talk about today.
Mum and Dad called to say they were leaving to come to my place at around 2:15pm and didn't arrive until 3pm.  They only live about a ten minute drive away and so I was ready for them for that long and when they arrived, I wondered where they had been.  Anyway, they had been away looking at cars, and lost track of time a little.  Well, I made some plunger coffee and put out the cake, picklets Mum brought with her and some little biscuits I have had around the pantry since Christmas (they weren't stale, just not eaten and kept in a good tin). 
We ate and enjoyed talking about things and Mum loves my new television.  Little Miss Stevie began to go to sleep on her perch for her afternoon nap at around 3:30pm.  Mum said she was sitting low on her perch; I said that she was doing fine and just snoozin' for a while.
They had a quick look at my backyard - seeing I had worked on it that morning - and said it was getting better and better each time they dropped by.  I told them what had been done yesterday morning and where I had thrown out the rubbish.  And Dad looked at how I strapped up the fence; knowing it really didn't have much of a life left in it.  He shook it and the nail I pushed through worked its way out!  No laughing matter seeing the other palings I had pushed and shoved into place behind another post popped out from behind their hiding spot easily.  Mum pointed it out and he was doubly surprised at how horribly fragile the fence was, promising to have something done about it today; to get the wheels turning faster.  Mum went around the took some photos of my plants and garden and was relieved to find that I had gotten rid of a Green Ants' nest - well most of it - and I was happy about it too.  Dad was chuffed that I worked hard on making them move; but they might still come back.  Oh well, it's just a matter of making sure they stay away from where I don't want them.
Anyway, Dad turned on the Touring Car racing on channel 7 and we found the headphone plug-in socket on the set and pushed the lounge forward so he could lean back and watch it.  The funny thing was that every now and then, Dad would yell at the television screen and we couldn't hear anything that was going on; only he could.  It was hilarious.
While he was watching television, Mum and I looked over the trip to New Zealand they're going to take soon.  When she talked about the South Island, I tried to tell her about a few attractions, but it's always best to show with photos than to try to describe the attractions of what I saw there.  We went through the album and I was amazed at how much I remembered since I burnt out after that trip; and how much more I have been remembering since I've slowly gotten better from it.  Otherwise, Mum loved the photos I took and thought a few of them were hilarious of roadside oversized fruit we had passed and other things as well.  She said it was good that the last ten photos or so were of all the people I travelled with; including me with the group of girls I hung around with the most.  
Anyway, Mum gave me a cute egg with the colours of my favourite AFL football team on it and a rubber rabbit which - when you thump it hard - flickers all these different colours.  They're cute and I've got them on the piano now for Easter.
Too soon, it was time for them to go; and time for me to also get ready to leave.  I had to go out to a friend's house to help give her cat - Gus - eye drops in his left eye.  Poor Gus had gotten a suspected grass seed in his eye and it had become infected and ulcerated.  So, drops were prescribed by the vet and my friend, Cate, asked me to help her in the afternoons to put the drops in while she held onto him.  Now, I think I have a new friend in this black, fluffy cat as he's become friendly toward me and he talks to me now and rubs against my jeans leg affectionately.  This can only mean one thing:  he's feeling a lot better as each day passes.
The afternoon turned into night and I walked home as the street lights were switching on, one of the firemen went home from the back gate of the fire station in a really hot car and I used the pathway that led between the Woodridge Fire Station and my unit complex.  The weather has been turning cooler at night once the sun is gone, but during the day, it's still very warm.  Well!  That's that the Queensland Autumn for ya!  I must be going and getting into some more tidying up and cleaning for the house.  I'm still saving up for the next installment for the garden, but yesterday's work made a real difference to my yard.  Until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm and remember, I'm always here.

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