Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Big Home Office Clean Out - Part 3

This morning, I'm onto the details of this office clean-out.  I have found that I've done all the heavy lifting of this office on Friday and Saturday and now, I'm up to the organising of the bookcases.  This is figuring out where the books in - and on - the bookcases go to make this place neater, more organised and easier to work with.  
While on the internet this morning, I dedicated around half an hour to looking into making one of the shelves in the Tall Boy Bookcase a Stephen King shelf.  I have so many of his works that I thought to put them all together so I know which ones I have and how many of them there are.  I turns out that I've doubled up on one book that I didn't know I already had a copy of:  'Christine'.  I had put the first copy away in the 4th bookcase at the back and clean forgot about it!  Now, this is exactly why I should be keeping all my SK works together; so I don't double up on them.  So, I'm going to register that one on Bookcrossing and sending it on its way to travel the world.

But before I did anything at all, I took before shots of these bookcases to make sure I know something had been done to them; a change had been made, then, I got into work!  
I moved the poetry books to the top shelf inside the 4th bookcase after I organised the books in there, moved some to the right places, thought to give one away.  Then, I shuffled them around and pushed the poetry books to back laying them on their side (as they don't fit standing up) and then, found my hand-written poetry books and ones I haven't finished and slotted them right in the front ready to be used.  The full ones are there to remind me what I've written and the other two are there to remind me to write in them.  
I've had to distribute some of the taller books that were on the Stephen King shelf so that I have the room for his works around the office.  But I found, when I looked through them, that they were anything but poetry.  Some where story idea books, one was a Book of Shadows and another was my work diary from when I worked at RACQ... wow, talk about a variety of unusual written works all together in one place!  Anyway, I got this all done in well under an hour.  However, the 2nd bookcase ( better known as the saggy bookcase) didn't get touched.  Pity, I really do want to get into that one and work hard on it.  However, the first thing I need to do is fix up the stuff on the floor in front of it.  I need to make it all vanish so I can stand in front of the bookcases without anything in the way.  My aim with this office is to have enough space to move around, yet still have my collection of handbags co-exist with my books.  Well, until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm and remember, I'm always here.

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