Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Shopping Day - Great Bargains All Around!

After a cold night last night, I dressed up in some of my nice warm Winter gear to go out shopping today.  I wore my nice purple hat and leather jacket and was lovely and warm for the day; and there was a cold breeze blowing.
I posted off a parcel and waited at the bus stop for the 545 bus and went to K & B Petstore where I bought Little Miss Stevie her seed.  Seeing her usual seed wasn't there, I bought the seed that the store supplied instead for around the same price.  Not too far from the petstore, I walked into the Spice Store.  This place has been here for a long time - over a year - but I just haven't really had the need to go into it yet, not until today.  I really needed some Tarragon and went looking for the leaves here; but couldn't find them.  I found a large 500g packet of Sweet Paprika and Oregano instead and when I came to the front counter to pay for them, I asked if the man stocked the one I was looking for and he went and found it for me.  I thanked him very much and paid $7.95 for my three lots of herbs and spices.  After grabbing two business cards - one for me and one for Mum and Dad - I was on my way to do the rest of my shopping.
I went to Life Line, but didn't find anything of interest there, so went on to Woolworths where I did my fruit and veggie shopping.  
Coles was next.  I went into Woodys' and ordered in the entire series of 'The 70's Show'... yep, I know it's a daggy series, but I find it hilariously funny and brilliant to watch.  And it's about the decade I was born in: the 1970's.  Very cool t-shirts, music and funny ways of serving up food came out of that decade... however the decor was something I loved.
Then, I went off to K-Mart in search of a new knife block.  Seeing I have to get rid of the one the roaches nested under - and in - in my kitchen, I thought to spend good money a nice one.  However, K-Mart doesn't sent empty ones.  So, I scored myself a 6-knife knife block for $18.00.  Not bad if you ask me.  I turned around and found a very nice egg-flip for $6.00 and grabbed that (seeing my old one keeps stuffing up on me).  Once I was through the checkouts, I made my way to Coles for the last leg of my shopping day.
I kept to my list and made sure I bought only what I needed; and deviated from it once to buy pizza bases.  Otherwise, I found my bottom line for groceries at Coles cost only $102.00 or so.  I'm pretty pleased with myself that I have kept to my budget and still have some money left over.  
However, my day was good right up until I caught the cab home.  The driver loaded up the boot of the car and we drove off to my place.  When we unloaded, I found out that she had put my bread in underneath the handle of my blue trolley; squashing the whole loaf of fresh bread!  You know, I had a dozen eggs in the bag before the cab showed up and only took them out because I didn't want them squashed... just as well I did take them out; I would have been pretty upset if they had been pinned under the handle with the bread like that; with everything else on top of it all.
Once I put everything inside, I went out to collect my wheelie bin, only to find that the bins outside my house hadn't been collected; only the ones outside the gate had been.  This is a sure sign of a new driver and it happens each time we get one.  They don't realise that the 20 or so bins aren't the only ones that are from inside the place and there's more inside. This causes us to have to call up the Body Corporate - or try to talk to our onsite manager - and let them know the bins up the back haven't been collected and we have to wait almost two more days to get them done.  The new driver then has to be told to come right inside so our bins don't stink out our homes (like they did earlier this year and I had to spray them all with Glen-20 to get any sleep!).
Well, that was my day... herbs & spices, bird seed, a new tv series to pay off soon (it'll arrive in May as it's being re-released then through another supplier), a new knife block and my shopping coming under budget.  A good day if you ask me.  Until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm and remember, I'm always here. 

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