Friday, April 13, 2012

Black Friday

It's almost 10pm and it's Black Friday - Friday 13th - and so far, it hasn't been a day of bad luck, just a few strange and funny things happening to me that turned out to be pretty good.
But it was a very busy day for me.  I had to go to Garden City to bank the money for the Leukaemia Foundation and then post off the book to them.  That went smoothly.  I bought two badges of Long Tan that looked great for Anzac Day; one for me and one for Mum.  I'm wearing one at the moment and it's got the colours on it that my Pop received and Dad wears in his memory. 
Then, I went off to Best and Less and bought myself 3 pairs of knickers and two bras costing me $31!  What a great deal!  I made sure a set of those matched in purple for next year's Purple Day for Epilepsy and they'll look good too.  The next place was Robin's Kitchen, as they were having a sale and I received an e-mail about it and thought to check it out.  It was then I remembered I needed a new whisk; so I bought myself one and used my membership card.
By the time all of this was finished, I was hungry and a little low on my sugars.  It was time for an early lunch, so I walked to Gloria Jeans Coffee and bought a medium ice coffee and a pumpkin and risotto roll.  And the roll was absolutely delicious!  Oh, I thought it was going to be all dry and yuk - like most places I've been to - but nope!  It was beautiful and lovely and sweet!  There must have been a little bit of sugar added into it as I finished the whole thing!  But I couldn't finish my ice coffee as I was full and ready to leave.
Once home, I made myself a drink, put the new underwear in the washing machine and hung it out and washed up the breakfast dishes.  Then, I paid the gas bill and turned on the radio and began tidying up for tonight.  What was tonight?  Well, tonight I was having a friend over for dinner; something I haven't had in over two years.  So, I thought to begin on cleaning up early before jumping on the computer to waste away an hour and half.
By around 3:15pm, I was off the net and ready to leave.  I had to be at my friend's - Cate's - place to help her with her cat, Gus, to take him to the vet at the Argonaut Centre down the road.  I arrived at her place at 3:50pm (because I got talking to a neighbour for a few minutes) and then we were off with Gus in the cat carrier with him meowing away not enjoying the confined space at all. The vet was pleased to meet the friend who braved being around Gus - seeing I break out in hives and sneeze like you wouldn't believe around the poor little guy - and said it was lovely that I'd do that for a friend.  I said that I'm allergic to dogs, horses and cows as well as bird dander (and I've got a budgie too). He thought it was ironic I had a bird and yet I was allergic to her. 
Well, once Gus got the all clear from the vet, Cate dropped me off home and I walked in from the gate to my mostly clean house, it was around 4:30pm.  I still had about 2 hours until Geoff arrived from down the coast (as he was on his way home from visiting is folks and family) to have a meal with me.  By around 5:15pm, I had begun cutting up the veggies for my Veggie Pasta Bake/Melt and had defrosted three hot dog buns and made some fresh garlic butter.  6pm rolled around and he showed up right on time for me to begin cooking and the rain to begin.  How's that for perfect timing! 
Well, dinner was delicious - especially with the new herbs I bought on Wednesday - and the garlic bread went down well.  Then, I made a pot of tea and brought out dark chocolate and gave him a choice of which mugs he'd like.  He picked out 'The Phantom' mug and I chose 'The Doctor' and then, we settled in to watch 'Sucker Punch'; a very cool steam-punk movie set in three different types of dimensions and yet the heroes are female and they can kick butt.  A great movie, better than I thought it was going to be.  Soon after, Geoff took off home and I locked up after washing up the remainder of the dishes.
Yep, today was a good day.  I paid my Gas Bill, got new underwear, ate dinner with a great friend and got to see a movie with a friend I hadn't seen before (the movie, not the friend).  This was a good day.  Until my next post, take care, keep warm and safe and remember, I'm always here.

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