Friday, April 6, 2012

Easter Plans

It's the four-day weekend everyone's been looking forward to since New Year's Eve; and there's plans afoot!  I know it!  So, what are you doing with your time for the next four days?
I have a few things planned for around the house.  While I'm listening to music on the my stereo and turntable, I'll be cleaning out the house a little more.  Seeing the office looks better - and I was brutal with a lot of things here - I'm hoping to throw out a lot of things around the house this afternoon and tomorrow as I'll be busy on Sunday.
I'm also hoping to catch up with some painting and knitting and working on some of a new book I'm editing a few of my stories for.  This time, they are longer, larger stories; and there will only be three of them in a bigger book.  So, I won't have to worry about trying to fit many little stories into a certain amount of space.  I'm so glad my first book:  'Graveyard Shift' took off so well.  And now, I'm hoping to have this next one up and running within the next few months.  I have noticed one thing in the stories that I wrote - the longer ones - and that is that they are needing more changes than I first thought and there's a lot less punctuation problems than I had before.  I'm happy about that.
Well, today, the pets have been fed, I've watered the plants outside, the washing up is all done, the rubbish is put outside in the wheelie bin and I've done most of what I wanted to do online.  However, the main things I need to do is offline; and it's all very busy, manual work.
There's two Australia Post Packs to fill, books to shelve properly, Little Miss Stevie's cage to clean, the fish tank to empty and wipe out completely, the floors to clean, the dusting to do, the carport to sweep out, filing of paid bills and bank statements.  Then, I have to tidy up the art area next to the back door and clean it up and measure it up for something second-hand to put there for all my art equipment (and I know a good second-hand store I'd like to suss out on Logan Road where a bookstore used to be).  
Then, that'll be my afternoon all done... today. It's a busy afternoon and I hope to get everything I have listed down done and completed.  I'll let you know after the weekend's all finished up if it does get all done. 

Yesterday, I had a busy day out.  It was a good one day.  The sun was out and it wasn't too hot with a lovely breeze.  I went off and caught the bus to Springwood to Mum and Dad's house.  I was there for around 20 minutes before I had an appointment at the chiropractors down the road. 
After my adjustment, and being told that my fall hadn't undone that previous adjustment as much as she thought, I decided to take a walk to 'Rockaway' at Centro and have a look around.  It a few minutes' walk away and I thought it would be nice to see what was down there.  While flipping through the records in the $4.00 lot, I found a 'The Pretender' vinyl by Jackson Browne in great condition.  So, I pulled that out.  And then, I saw 'The Steve Miller Band' for $9.99... with some songs I love from the 80's; and got that.  
There was a Y-Gen who was just getting into collecting vinyl in a big way.  He asked me a few questions about how to care for vinyls and clean them.  He had bought the cleaning fluid on sale, but I said that just plain water in a spray bottle and a lint-free cloth is just as good... as vinyl is delicate and so to use water is probably the best thing to use and not solutions as the solutions can eat away at vinyls slowly without you noticing whereas water doesn't.  We really got talking about records and which ones were good, which brands were great to collect.  Then, he asked me about my first one I had and I told him the first three that started it off; and that I still had them and they still played.  He was amazed and asked how long they last for.  This was a question I couldn't answer as I haven't been alive long enough to know.  So, if anyone knows how long vinyls do last for, please leave a comment and let us all know.  Well, must be going.  I have a lot of work to do and time keeps on ticking away... so until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm and remember I'm always here.  And I wish you all a Happy Easter!  

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