Monday, April 16, 2012

Monday, Monday

Wow!  What a weekend I've had!  Most of the time, I was running around my kitchen killing cockroaches... yuk!... and nobody likes doing that!  However, it's due to the wet weather over that last few years that these disgusting critters have come inside and made themselves right at home which has caused me to take action and take back my kitchen... and eventually my home; but mainly my kitchen.
Anyway, I found more stuff in my kitchen than I thought.  I found 9 casserole dishes!  Yep, you read right - 9!  Seeing I had room for only 8 of them, I gave one of them (the one that was given to me by a neighbour and I never used) to my next door neighbour.  He appreciated it and said he'd used it.
Otherwise, I had to buy my first can of Mortein in around 5 years.  I hate using the stuff, but it works!  You see, I've been trying to keep my house as environmentally safe as possible as it keeps Little Miss Stevie well, the fish alive and me away from sickness.  But when push comes to shove with 6-legged critters, you gotta do what you gotta do!  
And today has been my first day in over a week where I have been able to work on editing my stories for a new book for Bibliotastic.  I was planning on doing up three stories and calling it 'Threepence', but I don't have that many stories that are that big.  So, seeing I only found two, I'm going to fix them up, cut them into chapters for each and call it 'Double Take'... or something along those lines.  It'll be my second adult book up for download from Bibliotastic.  I'll just have to get a good cover edited in time for its release in a few months' time.  
I've also got another book for Young Adults on the drawing board that my niece gave me the idea for.  She asked me a while back if I wrote stories for Young Adults so she could read my work.  I said I'd have a look around some of my stories and see which ones would be suitable and ended up posting off a cd to her for her to read.   Well!  She absolutely loved it!  So, I thought it would be a great idea to put those stories out there for other kids like her to download and read; so they're not left out and so publishers know I can write stories for that genre as well.  So, this makes my YA Book and the New Book (as I'm calling them for now as working titles on file) my next lot of work which I'm looking forward to getting done.
Over this weekend, while I was cleaning, my Vax vacuum cleaner died.  First it started off with the bag being full - it sucked up something from behind the credensa but I didn't know what it was; so out into the carport I was going to take it.  I pulled open the lid and gently tugged at the bag to get it out when the one of the things the hold the bags in snapped clean off!  I was disappointed, but not worried.  It was only one after all.  I grabbed the bag, took it outside with a pair of scissors and cut it open, but found nothing in it that was of value... so it must have sucked up a marble or something weird that wasn't anything interesting to me (besides, I haven't missed anything near there lately).  Then, when it came to changing the bag over, I found I didn't have any left.  Jeez!  Well, okay... I closed the vacuum and thought that it might be time to get another lot of bags; wondering how much it was going to cost me... when the darned lid wouldn't catch properly.  I pushed it and pushed it... inspected the catch and really tried to make it work without losing my patience, but it wouldn't snap closed.  It was then I realised I may need a new vacuum.  So, I bundled it up as best as I could and put it in my storage facility to keep it out of the way.
Last night, I was talking to my brother and he said that we'd look into getting a bagless cleaner for me... as I had looked online for one and found a Hoover Performance 3010 at Godferys for $149; and I thought it would go well.  We bounced around the idea of getting one off e-bay.  So, this morning, I e-mailed him the details, but he couldn't find one on e-bay for less than the amount I saw it... so I'll be getting this one for the amount I found it for!  Very cool.  However, I was searching through all my warranties this morning when I came upon the warranty for the Vax that had just broken; and Mum bought it for me in 2005... so this little vacuum cleaner has had a good long life with me of seven years.  It's outlasted my first one by a long shot! Well, until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm and remember, I'm always here.


  1. has been lucky to not find many cockroaches since we moved here ten years ago. When we used to lived in Acacia Ridge it was roaches galore. No shop products would work to remove the unwanted guests. We had to have pest control out a couple of times to have these pests removed for good.

    1. I was lucky to have found them as soon as I did. But seeing most were just fly-in ones, I've been very lucky not to get the ones that breed.