Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Sunday

It's been a big weekend of cleaning and tidying up.  However, yesterday was a massive day for my whole family; and it began early.  I was up at around 7am, picked up the paper and ate breakfast and was ready before you knew it to go and help Gabe and Kat move house. 
However, they weren't ready.  But that didn't matter.  I jumped online and checked my e-mails, chatted with one of my friends on Facebook and ended up running off on them while they were away from the computer... oops.  Oh well, they knew I was going out for the day; just didn't know when. 
So, we picked up a 'Budget' Rental Truck and were off to Keperra to help pack the thing up carefully with all the bigger items.  Gabe and Kat had hired a covered trailer that was attached to the back of the Kombi and was going use that; but were completely taken by surprise when Dad rocked up with the truck!
Once we had everything organised and the truck up on the footpath and opened up, it was all in for work stations!  We packed, taped and packed up the cars, truck, kombi, trailer and we drove to Brighton where the new house was waiting - half-filled with furniture - for use to get in and work on unpacking everything.
The kitchen didn't take long with us three women opening up everything and putting everything away.  I was on detail.  This meant, I was pulling drawers out of dressers and putting them back in, then unloading them again at the other end.  I packed the Pajero with bags of wrapped up things from the kitchen.  I packed the Kombi with boxes for the mirror of the sideboard to lay on.  You know, little stuff.  The details usually brings it all together; and that's what I was on for over 2 hours!  
We began at around 10am and I took my first break at around midday and sat down, took a good drink of water and wondered if my feet would ever stop throbbing through my sneakers.  Probably not.  Then, I was off again after we agreed to pack up the fridge and freezer and have lunch at the new place and sit down for a more than a minute or go to the toilet.
Once things were unpacked from the truck and the Pajero and the kitchen was looking like a kitchen and less like a major shopping trip, it was time to go back to the house and pick up other things that were needed around the place.  However, I was finished.  I had walked up and down so many sets of stairs I felt as though my legs were going to fall off.  My arms were beginning to hurt and I just wanted to curl up on the lounge I had flopped down on and have a nice little snooze until next month or so.  Gabe could see how stuffed I was and suggested I stick around and take a rest; and so I said I would stay so they didn't have to take Jay with them or lock up the house this time.
It was nice to have the place to myself to stuff around.  Gabe had plugged in the television and I tuned in the digital stations for them; but they just weren't working.  I tried about 4 more times and still it wasn't working; so I gave up and listened to my iTouch for a while and read a part of a book I'm getting into before keeping an eye on the time.  I turned on the front light, figured out the lights for the living room and turned the fan down then put on my jacket because I was getting cold (really it was because my sweat from the day was making me cold) and then I checked on Jay and she was often found down near the gate waiting for them all to come back - how cute can you get?
Soon enough, they were back, pulled more stuff out of the cars and the truck and installed it all.  And Mum and Kat were off to get dinner of fish'n'chips.  I grabbed some chairs from the storage shed up the back and set the table while Gabe and Dad put together the sideboard in the lounge.  And before we knew it, they were home and dinner was served up; and we had a very quiet moment of when everyone was eating!  What a great meal!  The only interruption was when we noticed how bloody big the mosquitoes were - and then we tried to catch them; which was impossible!
Soon enough, we were off home at just before 8:30pm.  I went with Mum while Dad drove the truck solo.  It was good run and we found we made good time.  However, Mum and I came across one of the big mozzies... and then it vanished when I couldn't get it.  Suddenly, we saw a big gecko run up the inside of the windscreen on her side, jump onto the steering wheel and onto and up her arm!  Well!  She screamed loudly while batting at it wildly to get it off!  And what was I doing?  Laughing my head off, of course!  Mum absolutely hates these lizards; while I don't mind them, but do find them very annoying.  She asked me why I didn't get freaked out and I said it was because I'm not scared of them, but I don't like them all the same.
I arrived home, had a shower, jumped online and checked my mail for about an hour, then went downstairs to put a cover on Little Miss Stevie (because it was going to cool right down later on; and I knew it) and I found a big cockroach from the other night I didn't catch running along the counter!  Well!  Off came one of my flip-flops and I chased it around, found it and killed it.  That was after, I threw the large notebook, the phone (and its charger) and a few other things off my phone area.  And that was it:  I decided to tidy that area up right there.  It took another 20 minutes, but I got it done.  I got to bed at around 11pm... but at least there were no cockroaches to terrify the fish or my budgie last night.  Until my next post, take care, keep warm and safe and remember, I'm always here.

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