Thursday, April 19, 2012

Busy Few Days

Over the last few days, I've been busy around the house.  It's hard to believe that this little town house has so much to do inside it, but it does.  And after battling the cockroaches (which made my skin crawl!), I'm happy to report that I'm currently finding their little carcasses everywhere thanks to some surface spray I used a few days ago.  And I'm also putting out the rubbish every night and washing up before going to bed as well to keep the 6-legged little grots from invading my home again.
Otherwise, seeing the rain has stopped, I've been getting in and doing load upon load of laundry.  So, my clothes line hasn't been empty for the last two days; and even the clothes horse has been weighed down in the back yard as well (and this is something else I need to replace with a new, better-designed one; but that will come at Christmas when I buy myself one as a present).  
But I did get a lot of things done in the last three days.  One of them was figuring out my fitness routine.  I have begun walking in the mornings at around 9am.  Normally, I'll just dash across the road and pick up the mail and run home; however, I thought to take my iTouch with me and walk briskly to the fast music I have on it up Kingston Road, cross at the lights at Moss Street and down the other side.  Then, I cross at Randal Street and keep walking, check the mail and continue to Park Road, cross there and then up the hill to home (and you wouldn't believe how steep that hill is when you use it as a last leg instead of a first).  But today, I walked all the way down to Noel Street - to Argonaut - and crossed at Smith Road and walked home from there.  It was a good walk as I spotted the new pet store being built and noticed that there's a new fresh fruit market coming our way soon... and personally, I think it's about time!  It'd be lovely to be able to go to the fruit market with my little blue trolley, pick up some fruit and veggies the day after I get paid and then not worry about having to go to Woollies because it can get very expensive there... then all I'd need from there is my Whitacker's Chocolate and Nivea Creme Soap.  Besides, fruit shops are cheaper than the big shops most of the time.
I've begun a new scarf in the last day or two; and am a quarter way done with it already.  The stitch is Irish Moss Stitch and it's easy to do once I get into it.  The other purple scarf is almost finished; all I need to do is add nice purple tassles and it's all done!  And it's lovely, soft, cuddly and long!  I can't wait until I get a few finished up to sell.
I've also begun reading another book; a John Irving one this time titled 'Last Night In Twisted River'.  I've had this one for about two years now, and it's now I'm beginning to read my birthday books from then!  That's how many books it's taken me to get to this one; which has been on my reading pile for that long too.  And it's a good book so far; I just hope it doesn't get boring.  I'm afraid to say that 'The World According to Garp' wasn't all that interesting to me and I found the movie better than the book.  Such a pity as John Irving is a great writer.
Today, I jumped onto Picnik and found it had vanished.  Yes, it was gone; as promised by the owners.  I'm sad and am going to miss that photo editing program as it was brilliantly easy to use and really shouldn't have left us.  I did hear a rumour that Google bought it out and it's somewhere else on the net, but I'm not sure how true that is.  But we were told about Picmonkey and I've been using that one; which is promising collages soon... and I hope they bring them in as I've got some collages I made up on Picnik.  However, Google has made up a place called 'The Creative Kit' which (to the people who have used it; not me) doesn't even shine a light on Picnik or any of the other photo editing programs.  So, why did Google close down this company when it was going so well and had so many people using it?  The same reason why there's bullying in the world since day dot:  Tall Poppy Syndrome.  A big company couldn't stand seeing a small one doing well, and just had to cut them down and try too hard to be just like them and fail when all they had to do was congratulate them for their success.  Why does pride stand in the way of being the bigger man/woman and saying: 'Good on you!' instead of envy and jealousy... hey, isn't that one of the seven deadly sins?  Well, I think I'll leave that for another post!
Today, it's a nice, warm, sunny day.  The radio is playing the best of the British and Little Miss Stevie is enjoying it!  I have a fully-laden clothes line and the clothes horse is in the middle of the yard too.  Today, I have to wash the floors and dust the house... but I'd love to vacuum.  However, without a properly working vacuum, I can't.  So, I'm stuck to just dusting my house and figuring out the rest of the books in my home office.  Until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm and remember, I'm always here.


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